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Any One Want Help?


So I am bored and don't know what to make. So I decided I can help someone who wants to either make something but don't know how/need help or is making something but cannot fix a bug/doesn't know how to go forward.

Please ask me if you need any type of help (even though I said the above requirements)!

These are the languages that I can help with!

  1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Sass - Advanced (I am the best at this!)
    • I can use many frameworks if needed! eg. jQuery, Bootstrap, React.js, Next.js, etc.
  2. Node.js - Advanced (Not the best, but I can do it pretty well!)
    • Again, any framework you want.
  3. PHP - Intermediate (Pretty OK)
    • Any framework you want!
  4. C# - Intermediate

Note: These are not the only languages that I can help with! I am willing to learn any language needed and any framework needed to help you! It might just take some time!

So, want help?

Additionally, you can also contact me privately @ [email protected]

P.S. Since I am only in middle school, my responses might be a bit late or it might take sometime to help you (soooo much work!!!!), I will do it!



So I had this project where we were supposed to make an advertisement for moving/vacation on another planet (originally we the teacher didn't say anything about making websites but naturally I had to) I got George (Uranus) and my problem is in the footer where I have the cites cited, they don't go to the right URL, they go to the URL I put in plus the URL of my website at the beginning of it. I just wanted to no how to fix that. The spotlight page is here.
FAN FACT: When Uranus was first found it was named George


Nice website!

So to fix that, for each link's href, you have to add http:// in front of it. This tells the browser that the link is a external website. If you don't put this then it thinks that it is a folder on the server and tries to access it which is what is happening to you right now. Hope this helps!

P.S. You can also add https:// instead of http:// to the beginning of the link because the extra s tells the browser to only use a secure connection with the server. But not all websites support that. So I would suggest using http://. If the website's server supports the secure connection, then it will automatically switch!



Oh shoot I forgot that part. Thank you @TalinSharma


Np! I do that a lot to!

Feel free to ask me anything else!





@TalinSharma well currently I don't have a question involving the above (though I might use this post sometimes for coding questions) but I just wanted to understand your bio:

It does not do, to dwell on dreams, and forget to live...

Might sound like kind of a dumb question but I'm genuinely interested.


Sure! You can use this post later! (Make sure to bookmark it!)

My bio: It is a Albus Dumbledore quote:
“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” —Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Basically it means, you shouldn't keep thinking about things you want to do (It does not do to dwell on dreams...), and just instead do them. (...and forget to live.).



ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I thought it meant don't follow your dreams bc then you can't live life and I completely disagreed with that.
P. S. I bookmarked this post


Yeah... it is a bit confusing! Lol...

Feel free to use this whenever you like! Share!



Hey, so if your bored and don't know what to code, use Code Suggester. A... well... code suggester built by me and a few others