File written to by the program not saving occasionally
Baconman321 (1104)

I have a program in Go that allows me to make and edit articles.

Sometimes, though the program won't save an edit of the article. The articles are stored via a .json file.

I have noticed that this usually happens if I close out of the window after it says it has successfully been edited, OR I close out of the computer. It always saves if I open the repl and check if it has been saved (as far as I know).

@tussiez told me that it was simply replit not saving sometimes, but I start to doubt that. It shows the edited article, but if I come back the next day the new edit is gone! It must be deleting the contents of the edit, but why? Also, how would I fix this?

Help would be appreciated.

- A confused bacon

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Baconman321 (1104)

@Andy_4sberg Yeah, Go supports DB functions, but I don't want to use it rn.

replit's database isn't as good as file storage IMO, except for the fact that it actually saves the content.

If replit DB got much better (increased key name range and more storage size), then yes I think I'd use it.