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How to Give Root Privileges to install-pkg
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Of course, in, we do not have sudo or the ability to change to a superuser through su. Since apt requires root privileges, we must use install-pkg instead. Though, it seems that install-pkg does not have full root privileges as it does not seem to be able to write to the /usr/share/ directory when trying to install open-cobol to run COBOL in

Is it possible to give full root privileges to install-pkg? If so, how do you do it.

Also, I have another question with this: Since uses only local file systems for the Ubuntu VMs on which almost every repl runs, why are root privileges denied to replitors? If we had root privileges in repls, we could also use apt, dpkg, etc. and could do so much more with, but we can't do it because we don't have sudo or a password for su.

, could you explain this?

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Answered by kochman [earned 5 cycles]
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Unfortunately running Docker inside your repl doesn’t work. It requires lots of privileges that could lead to security issues if granted to untrusted users.

You should be able to run Docker on Windows. I believe there’s an official path for this that runs a Linux VM for you. I don’t have a Windows machine to try it out but I think there is a way to build polygott on Windows.