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Always On problem
IOP3 (854)

Always On problem

When I want to turn something into always on it says Cannot add more always on repls; you've exceeded the limit of 5.. But I don't think I have ANY repls always on.


forgot the boost, that has nothing to do with the always on problem i think

help me plz! I'm desperate

if help, then +5 'you know what'
IOP3 (854)

Thanks for all the answers! I did have 5 repls always on so it was my fault.

helloyanis (11)

I don't really know for that one, but does the problem occur on every repl or just this one? In the meantime you can use uptimerobot to have it always on.

Dunce (69)

Who needs always on repls when you can just use an uptime service. Here's one

Coder100 (18187)

Yeah right clearly you have turned 5 on

basically, go to any suspicious repls that you work on a lot that you think are pretty important, and then turn always on on for it and then off for it.


ch1ck3n (2065)

try reloading the page and try again

ch1ck3n (2065)

@IcynHackz try removing the boost, reload, then try

IOP3 (854)

that didn't work. Prob it's my fault, lemme check the other repls if they have always on. But thanks anyways @ch1ck3n