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Alternatives to
lucaspompeun (16)

Guys, is now deprecated. I wanna know an alternative to it. Please help me :)

upsideumop (6)

If you relied on as an easy to share only the terminal output of an app, you can use the following URL parameters to get a similar effect:


Note that users still have to click the run button, but otherwise it should look fairly close to and is also embeddable on your website or blog. pls mark this as correct answer

Coder100 (16757)

Sure, you can click the share button on the top right to get an embed code.

However, that shows the code, so here's the best way:

In general:<username>/<replname>?lite=true&outputonly=1
Bookie0 (5937)


A similar question to yours here

Basically it was removed as

read more about it here


Here's a workaround:

I also hope they put it back! :)

OlauPla (156)

Do you mean the link?

lucaspompeun (16)

@OlauPla no, the way of provide an console app as a website

OlauPla (156)

@lucaspompeun ok look at what I passed u


I don't think there are any alternatives Only but that's missing, and is not there anymore. Hopefully they will bring it back. But for now, no alternatives, and no using that.

PattanAhmed (1397)

@lucaspompeun Hi,
We all are missing that feature right now.
We hope that this feature is back again.

I think there are not any alternatives.
I am not sure.

Just patiently wait for now.

Thanks for reaching out!

Hope this helps!