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Almost every repl I make does not run
ExplosionScratc (507)

It loads forever and gives me this:

This happens with EVERY HTML/CSS/JS repl that I have except for =\ Please help me!

Answered by Bookie0 (6247) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (6247)


that often happens, and also today at about 10:30am ish was down and everything was being slow and you couldnt access notifications and it wasnt loading; basically the site wasn't working. So maybe thats why your repl isnt working, but you also say that every HTML/CSS/JS repl you make has the same error, so maybe it isnt due to being down. Besides, that outage is fixed now, so if its still not working for you then its a different problem.

In that case, try reloading page/deleting tab. Or try to fork the repl. If all that doesnt work, report it to bugs and if its very urgent you could try to email at [email protected] ;)

ExplosionScratc (507)

@Bookie0 Okay! Thanks! I'll test again!

Bookie0 (6247)

cool @ExplosionScratc lemme know if it works ;)

ExplosionScratc (507)

@Bookie0 Lmao sorry for the late reply, but yes, it worked.

Bookie0 (6247)

lol np, glad it works! :) @ExplosionScratc

Whacko (323)

hahaha all it is is a checkbox

Whacko (323)

@ExplosionScratc I've seen you on Scratch. You're super famous for your water.

IOP3 (854)

You're super famous for your water.

a drawing of water?? @Whacko

HahaYes (1861)

Ree repl is just super slow today.

Coder100 (18057)

Oh no! That's not good, make sure it's not your website getting blocked by your proxy.

Anyways, report this to bugs please! Thanks!

ExplosionScratc (507)

@Coder100 I don't have a proxy! Is the embedded version of it working for you?

InvisibleOne (2931)

Yeah, that happened to me before a while ago. I ended up leaving it and the next day it worked fine. I think that is currently experiencing some issues because there are a lot of people asking about this sort of thing. Just report it as a bug and then wait (try a different browser as well, sometimes that helps)