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Aligning Observer window (Elixir) in repl
aa2dee2 (12)


I'm running :observer.start in IEx in my Elixir repl to view the observer window. The window appears but it is not aligned correctly in the viewing pane - not able to view a bit of the top and left portion. I tried moving it around and resizing it but could not see the whole window.
Attached a screenshot. Happy to share an invite link if you'd like to look into this.


aa2dee2 (12)

@TheDrone7 @DynamicSquid any suggestions? Can I somehow open the observer window in another tab? (Like flask/django projects)

DynamicSquid (5023)

@aa2dee2 Sorry, I'm not really good with Replit GUI. Maybe your screen resolution is too small? Try going full screen

aa2dee2 (12)

I'm using the Replit PWA on Chrome