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Adding a Payment Subscription to my website
DannyD77 (8)

Hi guys! Can anyone please tell me how can I add a once off subscription fee to my site? Thanks in advance.

Renaldon (0)

Patreon is perfect for this! I would speak with a programmer in order to make sure that everything is going to work in perfect condition. If the payment is not secured, people are going to be pretty skeptical. Let's take a look at for example. The more secured it is, the more likely you will be to spend money and that's what matters. The customer has to be satisfied and it's your duty to do that. I am sure that you are going to do a great job if you are going to surround yourself with professionals

SixBeeps (5348)

You could look into something like Stripe or Xsolla

Coder100 (18925)

Is that even allowed?
Might want to check in with the terms and services...

The easiest way would be to make users pay patreon

but no matter what, websites have URLs and you can't really do much about that, executables would be your better choice