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Add to cart.

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How do you get this to add something to "cart" and then print everything added to "cart" by printing it all under "checkout"?

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In your case, the cart represents a list because it is storing items. To initialize it, add

cart = []

Next, we have to ask the user for some items to add to the cart. Let's have them enter space separated values or whatever you want.

add_items = input("Add items to cart (separated by spaces): ")

Finally, we need to get the items by using split() on our input.

# Splits at every occurrence of " " items = add_items.split(" ")

Now, create a for loop to append these values to cart.

for item in items: cart.append(item)

Now your cart is full of items!


Tell me if you were able to follow

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I forked your repl and tweeked it I think this is what you want if its not then tell me heres the link

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please try not to spoon feed. Giving the code is fine, but giving away the complete code without a decent explanation just be avoided.