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Aciddental deletion

Hello guys, please help me, i had created a simple program and before publioshing it i accidentally spotlighted it and lost all data.
can anyone please tell how can i retrieve my codes


When i clicked on the spotlight option it gave mean error that the requested page was not found. and when i went back to the page i couldnt even find it so please help me


on to your right, there is an edit in workspace. Click on it to go back to coding!


go to, and click trash, then click view most recent repls, then find whatever repl you want to restore, then go back, then click restore, and enter the title of the repl you want to restore, and click restore.

Now, you have your deleted repl back.


Spotlight is just a way of viewing the repl. It shouldn't be able to delete anything.


Spotlighting your repl shouldn't have deleted it. If it did you can view and restore deleted repls through
If you just deleted a file inside a repl, you can recreate a file with the same name and look through the history and retrieve your code.