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Accidentally spammed repl and now all of my requests timeout, will I be blocked forever?
xMistt (1)

So basically I was working on my server in a local environment, which sent around 1-2 requests per 30 seconds as it was quicker to test stuff locally, but when I accidentally pushed to the public build, I forgot to change it from 30 seconds to 30 minutes meaning I was sending ~800 requests to repl every 30 seconds instead of every 30 minutes and now whenever I send a request from the server, I just time out. Am I blocked forever as it thinks I attempted some sort of DOS attack?

DynamicSquid (5068)

I don't think you're blocked, I think the server just got overloaded. Try again in a day or so

Coder100 (19275)

No, try again in 1 day.

Bunnytoes (231)

Possibly, the best option is to contact the replit team here on discord, or report a bug here