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Able to Undo All file changes after a point of time
Abinash3366 (0)


I accidentally messed up all my code and am wondering if I can do a bulk undo to a specific date as in the undo area there are only options to do it one at a time

It is possible?

Answered by robowolf (549) [earned 5 cycles]
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robowolf (549)

Go to{username}/{replname}/history for the history. In the history you can revert to a previous saved version.

Abinash3366 (0)

@robowolf but it only gives me the option for one file at a time, is there a way to restore the entire repl

robowolf (549)

@Abinash3366 Well if it wasn't a github clone I don't believe so.

Abinash3366 (0)

@robowolf Damn, Oh well Thx for the help

FloCal35 (668)

Yes. Next to the title there should be a play button with a circular arrow around it. This is the history button. You can revert your repl back to an old version

Abinash3366 (0)

@FloCal35 Yep, but if its only a reply it only gives you the option to revert a singular file