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3D graphics?
Ov3R10rd (132)

Hello, I have been coding 2D games for a while now, and want to start the dev. of basic 3D games. Does anyone know how or where I can do this?

PS: When I mean simple, I mean very simple. Like cubes that slide around and collect things or something like that. Just a place where I could begin to learn 3D.

eankeen (2048)


if you want to learn the more technical details of how 3d rendering engines work, i'd recommend checking out videos by the javidx9 on youtube. he has some pretty informative videos about 3d graphics engines, that i would highly recommend. i would also recommend videos by brian will, but they require some more technical knowledge.

javidx9's videos are great, but are pretty dense and can get advanced pretty quickly. i wish i can recommend other content, but i'm afraid i haven't done much 3d stuff to do so comfortably.

hopefully that helped :)

Ov3R10rd (132)

@eankeen Great! I'll check it out!