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katyadee (1302)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


Zavexeon (1166)

Hi, I'm Zavexeon! But you can call me Kyle or Zave.

I'm a Ruby programmer, brought here to find a good online coding environment for it. Since then I've learned many different programming languages.

katyadee (1302)

@Zavexeon I've always wondered, how do you pronounce your username?

Zavexeon (1166)

@katyadee It's pronounced Zuh-vex-e-on. Zave is pronounced like save with a Z though.

HazTheWaz (290)

I'm a young programmer and wannabe webdev. I like music, art, memes, learning about others, and animals. (Can't wait to come back for you guys' answers!)

katyadee (1302)

@HazTheWaz Hey, why wannabe? If you do webdev, you're a web developer, right? :D

HazTheWaz (290)

@Zavexeon same to you. Looking forward to knowing more about you. 😆

Grify (169)

Hi Guys! I'm Grify, a 14-year-old designer and developer in Silicon Valley, right near Replit HQ! I use Replit for learning new languages, practicing them, and for messing around with computer language, as well as for some interesting (sometimes controversial) projects (For the brave, see http://www.grifypack.ga, a comically bad website for a matching in quality minecraft 'textur' (sic) pack, http://www.countdownfreedom.cf, a trump countdown made with Sean)

So yeah you'll probably all be seeing me around these forums and on the Replit Discord as @grify#3855 if you need help with a web page or python program, I can always try to help :D

YipCubed (6)


I'm Yip. I Have been programming for a while from Basic to Lisp to C++. I am starting an experiment on twitch.tv on May 31st. I'll stream sessions of me coding, answering simple programming questions and then maybe building onto a bigger project.

I will use repl.it as the development environment since I like that it is accessible to everybody. Planning to start with C++ since that is what I have been teaching for a few years. I might delve into making games, implementing artificial intelligence algorithms, play around with other languages, build compilers, or whatever. It is an experiment, so not sure how it will grow.

If you are interested, look me up on twitch. All my code will be available on repl.it and github, so you can check them out even if you never watch the streams. Would love to get feedback and ideas on what to stream, so message me if you are passionate about something specific and it might just make it into my stream.

To interesting lives, interesting projects!

Yip Cubed

AquaMarine0421 (68)

Hey... don't mean to be offensive, you can ignore this if u want, but can I ask u @katyadee about who you are? Well i'm not that much of an 'old user' of repl.it and I don't know anything about you except that you are repl.it newsletter publisher and that you work in repl.it! I really am not asking you to do what you don't want to do, I just want to know more about you and more about repl.it! so yea

katyadee (1302)

@AquaMarine0421 Howdy. I'm just... Katya Dee.

ebest (672)

@katyadee HA. katyadee = Katya Dee

mkhoi (300)

Hi people!

I'm Minh Khoi, that's my real name, i'm from Vietnam.

I like to program with Python, i know HTML, CSS too. I found Replit when i search for a Python compiler and some other languages compiler and Replit is in the suggestion of all searches, i tried it out and it is AWESOME!

🤘 🤘 🤘

katyadee (1302)

@mkhoi chị học tiếng việt!

ArchieMaclean (932)

My name is Archie Maclean and my best language is Python and my least favourite language is Python and I'm trying to persuade myself to learn Javascript properly.

Also I know a little Java.

katyadee (1302)

@ArchieMaclean "Best and least favorite" - love it. LOL.

ArchieMaclean (932)

@katyadee You wouldn't if you were me :|


hi... im axolotl1... Axolot? and i program python...
I recently got a thing to code python directly...
like, the thing from the offical website and pycharm...

ebest (672)

@Axolotl1 Mexican walking fish...


@ebest EXACTLY

JeswinSunsi (31)

Hi! My name's Jeswin!

I am a python3 developer but can also work with Web languages. I am fairly new to the repl community. I have a few programs at my page and would love it if u check it out. Thanks!

theawesomer3 (1)

I am theawesomer 3. I have been programing for a while including python which is my main languge as well as scratch which you can look at https://scratch.mit.edu/users/theawesomer3/

katyadee (1302)

@theawesomer3 Awesome! Or should I say....awesomer3 ;)

linoman_zz (7)

hi - i am linoman_zz and i am pretty new to repl it - i just dive into python coding and therefore i am happy to see a online-ide.

just wonder why the behavior of the system is sometimes so "special" - (see my corresoponding questions ) - i guess that i will manage to dive into the technique while working on some projects.

look forward to new experiences in the online-coding environment

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

oh yes i forgot.
Hi! I am Eyseedoubleyou, but you can call me Alex if you want. I am from the UK and enjoy coding (obviously)! :D
I am so happy to say hello :D

manoj2rox (1)

Hi All,

I am Manoj. I'm a Python Programmer. Repl is an good environment to learn and to practice as well. I'm trying to learn the new things as well.

Thanks to @Repl.it

mat1 (4456)

I'm mat, I'm from planet Earth, my timezone is cst (best tz gang gang) and I program mostly in Python and JavaScript.
I found Repl.it around 1 and a half years ago when I looked up how to code online on an iPad.
I barely knew how to code, even though I thought I did.
Shameless plug: check out my website, matdoes.dev (hosted on Repl.it)

katyadee (1302)

@mat1 CST is the best time zone. :D

SPQR (596)

@katyadee @mat1 WRONG-O. EST best time zone >:)

katyadee (1302)

@James193 Hey James! How are ya?

katyadee (1302)

@James193 Same here! What brings you to Repl.it?

James193 (14)

i just use it to practice my programming skills and i have a computer science igcse paper 2 on monday coming!!! @katyadee

James193 (14)

@katyadee thanks, already done paper 1 on last monday!!

katyadee (1302)

@James193 If you have any questions, you know where to go!

James193 (14)

@katyadee do you know any good programs or websites that could help me with my pseudocde

CodeBloodedYT (0)


I go by Code-Blooded. My interests include:

  • coding
  • exercising
  • not getting enough sleep
  • coding (again).


Mikeliterus (4)

hey hungry im dad, nool cigga

HeeWonKim (0)

how do you make music



Paultheriault (19)

Howdy! My name's Paul and I'm checking in from southern Arizona. Are there any other students starting a course at Lambda in the coming weeks? I could really use a homework buddy if anyone is interested.

katyadee (1302)

@Paultheriault That's awesome. What track are you doing at Lambda?

CPPStudent7308 (8)

Hi, I'm Kai and I've only had a couple of years' experience with coding. My favorite is C++, although I know some Python and a version of Javascript. I just love the simplicity and functionality of C++. If you would like to know where I'm from, I was born in Landsthul, Germany, and moved to Virginia, then Kansas, was nearly killed by a tornado, and finally came to Sierra Vista, AZ in 2007 or 2008 I can't remember.

katyadee (1302)

@CPPStudent7308 That's an incredibly intense story!

Lolanator365 (12)

hi i am lolanator365 or 3665 my real name is callum. i'm 15 and i do computer science at school and i code in python and javascript
i like roblox and making youtube videos

Bookie0 (6390)

My name is Clément. I know how to do some code (simple while loops, if/elif/else, random...) but I’m not a pro. I posted 2 programs so please comment and give a advice.

Thanks, and have a good day!

Bookie0 (6390)

Hi! Please see my programs I posted and feel free to give feedback or advice

Thanks, and have a good day!
By the way I write Python

ebest (672)

Hi! I'm Ebest (is that what you call a pseudonym?) (long eeeee, or say e and then best)! I've been here for a while but I forgot to post something on this. I'm 12 as of now, and I came on here when I searched for "Online Python Ide". I should be doing my homework right now. It's due tomorrow. Anyways, I've been coding on here for a while and I've been coding in Python for a long time already.

A few reason why I like this great site:

  1. Extremely active people. Once, I posted a post, and within 10 seconds (really) someone responded.

  2. Games. Games! There's a lot of games on here (A LOT) and since the teachers know I'm using this for my school projects, they can't block it (LOL poor teachers, their projects have backfired).

  3. The coding itself. The IDE is really good here and I use it for a lot of things, like projects.

Overall, this is the best coding platform I have seen before. I bet it's probably better then most of the paid ones, too.

NOTE: Can someone make a fast discord proxy? I can't access it but I want to be able to become a moderator anyways.

TristanMisja (36)


My name is Tristan, I'm 10 and I live in Washington!
I like coding in Python, HTML, BASIC, and C++, but my favorite is Python.
I'm here because I use ChromeOS, so I can't download Eclipse or Microsoft Virtual Studios, so I was searching all over the web for an online IDE, and then BAM repl.it is the 3rd result! I made an account, and got coding!
I'm mostly self taught, but every once in a while I use a book or website as a reference.