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👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
amasad (3449)

Hello everyone! Let's use this thread to get to know each other. Just say hi and a few words about who you are, maybe what are you building or learning with Repl.it.

If you're not comfortable sharing anything then share something fun 😉


I'm an intelligent dragon who likes to program. I live in the Reptilian Empire, Draconyx, but I can't find it on the world maps. I use python because it's the name of one of my relatives.

WolfGirl08 (0)

@DragonLord5646 That is awesome! I hope that you can eventually find Reptilian Empire on the Map.

techgeek680 (73)

wow that caused me to laugh! Where did you get your computer? Oh, here's some advice: dont breathe fire on your computer. Anyway, its nice to meet you, @DragonLord5646.

CyanCoding (2178)

Hey guys, I'm Camden!

I started programming in June 2016 on Khan Academy. I'm home-schooled, and the co-op that I go to during the school year was hosting a "learn ProcessingJS for a few hours twice a week with your friends and then you can have lunch and play in the pool or whatever" kind of thing. So I figured this would be pretty fun, since I love hanging out with my friends, plus my brother had learned ProcessingJS before and I wanted to make things like he had. I did this for about a month until the course ended, and I was one of the few people that actually stuck with the course and was interested in this kind of stuff.

From there, I made some cool programs, but I really wanted to take my skills further, and my main goal was to code my own website (though I was quite naive about how to do that at the time). In September I started learning HTML and CSS on Khan Academy. That was a lot of fun, but I was unsatisfied with the fact that you can't really make stuff happen with HTML and CSS. Sure you can animate and all that, but you can't really interact.

After during research, I realized JavaScript was what I wanted, so I was like "Hey! I already know JavaScript (lies)". I soon found out that ProcessingJS works nothing like JavaScript, and that got me pretty mad.

I kinda stopped programming until December (still 2016), when I decided to learn Python on Codecademy. However, I'm a visual learner, and so reading all that text just wasn't working. I learn from practice and seeing someone do it, so I decided to learn it by myself.

My first ever program on Repl.it (and my first official Python program in general) was the Password Generator, which was made on January 11th, 2017. You can find that here: https://repl.it/@CyanCoding/Password-Generator. Honestly it's a pretty stupid program, because it does something super simple but acts like it is doing something soooo complex and amazing. But admittedly I was pretty wowed by the fact that I could do this after about 1-2 weeks of self-practice.

From there I kept programming, making random programs and all, learning as I went. I also decided to go back to HTML, and so I made the "HTML Hub" (https://repl.it/@CyanCoding/HTML-Hub), which was a site on Repl.it that I made to give to my friends so they could easily check out my programs. It looked trash but if you take a look at the CSS you can pick up that I wasn't quite professional yet.

Now this post is getting super long so I'm just going to say that from there I decided to learn JavaScript, C++, and PHP in March. Now, while I didn't self-teach myself with these, I didn't take like a super crazy in-depth course. I definitely wasn't a master. In May I created the Tic-Tac-Toe program, which you can find around here. It got some good votes in the first I Built This. In June I decided to actually put the "HTML Hub" onto a website.

It definitely looked better than what is now the "Old HTML Hub" (what you saw earlier), but it was still pretty scary. On July 28th I renamed the site to "CyanCoding", which I felt was more personal. In July I also learned SQL, SCSS, jQuery, and Ruby. In October I learned Bootstrap.

In November I made a huge renovation to CyanCoding, which is reflected by its current state (though I brought the site down because of low traffic in June 2018). Things start getting serious in January and February, and I'll try to start hurrying up (sorry mods!).

Basically my friend, who was the graphic designer for my programs and website, really wanted to get into game dev, and so I tried it with C++ and UE 4, but it was too thick for me, and I couldn't figure it out. In March I decided to switch to C# because it was much more modern and I have a friend who programs in it for a living. I went to Unity, and used that for two months. I was making some great content, but I really wasn't enjoying game dev that much, so I decided to drop it.

After that, I decided to switch to Java (I hope to stick with this one for a long time ;]) because of the difficulty of cross-platform programming with C#. My main goal right now is to make fun programs I can use with my friends, and that means crossing the cross-platform barrier.

So that was like super long and I apologize for exaggerating the "share a few words", but whatevs. Oh also if you couldn't tell by my really high karma/cycles count I won the first I Built This challenge in February, and had several other programs with a good deal of votes.

I'm really thankful for Repl.it. I first found it when I searched "Python 3 editor" (I didn't know computer slang back then) and while I don't use it nearly as much as I used to, it's definitely my go-to for when I'm not on my home computer!

Thanks so much for reading my book!

P.S The Repl.it T-Shirts are soooo comfy, I wear mine as soon as it's clean. I'd definitely get one if I were you. (https://teespring.com/first-repl-it-swag#pid=2&cid=576&sid=front)

amasad (3449)

@CyanCoding Camden, that's an inspiring story from the undisputed champ on Repl.it.

I'm looking forward to your next novel 😅

theangryepicbanana (1697)

@CyanCoding your KA story is exactly what happened to me

Lumpy_Wiggles (91)

@theangryepicbanana, @CyanCoding Same here. I also had the false "I know JavaScript!" mindset ;). I didn't even know what the difference was between an integer and a float, nor did I know the proper way to define a function...

Speaking of which, KA teaches some bad practices, such as using the following to define a function:

var myFunction = function(parameter1, parameter2) {

As opposed to

function myFunction(parameter1, parameter2) {

Khan Academy is a good start for programmers, but once you really get going (building websites and such) you realize that you need to change your ways.

Aaaaand I'm rambling on and on and I should probably just hit the "comment" button already.

P.S. The site I linked to is, in fact, the site that I built awhile ago :). Kinda bad tho

theangryepicbanana (1697)

@Lumpy_Wiggles I believe the reason why it used bad practices was because it used Processing.js, which turns the JavaScript code into a Java Applet, so it had some limitations.

fashoi (0)

@CyanCoding u helped me a lot through maths heart eyes

amasad (3449)

@fashoi nice! are you the same school?

fashoi (0)

@amasad im not sure. ok then, where are u from?

verb (0)

@CyanCoding thanks for writing this! very inspirational - I checked our your programs and they're really cool. keep it up man! :)

CyanCoding (2178)

@fashoi haha sorry I'm home schooled :) that's why I have so much time to code

CyanCoding (2178)

@umairamin Thanks :D I had a long story to tell.

amasad (3449)

@CyanCoding haters gonna hate. Your story is inspiring.

Reader8765 (19)

@CyanCoding Cool story! I recommend Node.js which is what I'm learning right now.

techgeek680 (73)

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! I got wound into Repl.it six or seven days ago from my friend. I think it's pretty cool. I know a tiny bit of Javascript, and more HTML, CSS then anything else. Keep coding! Never stop! @CyanCoding

qtip2001 (9)

Hello All! I am a fellow reptile and looking forward to using the platform. Let's all do our very best!

SureshPatil (8)

@qtip2001 Ahh thank you Qtip I too am a cold-blooded coder. Please to meet you :)

amasad (3449)

I'll start: my name is Amjad Masad and I'm CEO at Repl.it. I love programming, and I come to work every day to make it easy for everyone to learn how to code and to build awesome apps and programs.

I also code for fun and you could find me posting some of my programs here on this forum.

UndertaleRulez (33)

Hi @amasad. Thanks for helping with making and running Repl.it. I think i speak for all of us using Repl.it when i say i really appreciate that you helped make this website for everyone to use and for everyone to learn coding and programming.

hayaodeh (199)

@UndertaleRulez and I'll reply on the behalf of Amjad and the team. Thanks for your kind words, that's what keeps us going. We want to make it even easier and easier for you to learn programming and make friends on Repl.it and collaborate with other people around the world on projects.

16Gales (0)

@amasad hi amjad up for a coding? Can you help me with python

AquaMarine0421 (68)

@amasad That's cool! How is being the CEO of Repl.it like? Is it fun to work there?

ebest (672)

@amasad Do you pay your staff?

ebest (672)

@amasad Salary. Or are they effectively just volunteers?

amasad (3449)

@ebest Salary. So please buy the hacker plan so we can pay them

ebest (672)

@amasad I sadly cannot because I don't have a credit card/anything else to pay repl.it with. I'm only a 6th grade.

robmuh (17)

Hey there, Mr. Rob here.

Got into programming hacking games on my Atari 800 and playing Zork. Was way into languages having learned French and Russian and lived and worked there. Wrote language software when the Internet came out.

Before that I was a skater, cyclist (road and moutain, MOAB baby), white-water river guide, and eventually cruise director on the Volga river in Russia. Nearly arrested for hacking in Russia just for using CompuServe to save on Fax costs (wow does that date me). Met more than a dozen spies, old school and new while there but never actually got to become one (probably a good thing).

Taught myself HTML before there was a single book on it. Wrote the world's first HTML form processing script (fb.pl) and hosted on my home Mac. Installed Mach Linux on a Mac. Helped form Fibernet and had people say, "Why would I want to be on the Internet? That is for academics and military." So moved to Oregon where I was the "CGI Guy" for 3 years at Teleport. Wrote the world's first web-based web page creation tool Teleport Webspinner (way before Frontpage was a thing). Wrote code that automated the creation of Apache virtual servers creating hundreds in fraction of the time.

Headhunted into Nike where I built their first Intranet web portal and created Nike's first live "blog" to cover the Nagano Olympics (which I got to cover live from Japan). Presented to hundreds at Nike conferences about the new "emerging language Java". Brought Linux into Nike (before it was considered legit).

Headhunted to IBM to code Java but became sysadmin/developer and created all kinds of fun stuff including a high-level network protocol using MIME-based, GPG to create secure footprints for security compliance audits of 52,000 machines. It was awesome! Some of the most fun I have ever had. Architected the PostgreSQL DB (when everyone else was going MySQL). Created a UUID schema and architecture for the company. Found memory leaks in 64,000 lines of bad C code and decided to leave.

Retired to start SkilStak Coding Arts (skilstak.io) where I teach a handful (70-100) brilliant students boutique-music-lessons style in semi-private lessons and have pioneered new modular education models (soilsrc.org) to enable knowledge to be shared and managed like source code.

Discovered REPL.it and bagged on it at first for "not being real" but I could not be more wrong. It is as real as most people will be able to use and much more than an educational tool. Our students were using skilstak.sh, a command-line only Linux machine to write code and run our skilbot and challenge bots. We went 5 years without anyone claiming the bounty of $200 for anyone able to find any school or organization teaching kids as young at 8 to use the Linux command line and specifically to write code on a terminal with vi/vim.

Love everything about REPL.it and the company (other than the React bias 😁 I am a big Vuejs fan).

Keep it going. (Plug: We do remote 1-1 private lessons now as well.)

amasad (3449)

@robmuh good to see you here, Rob. And an awesome story, much respect.

p.s. I miss the simplicity of the CGI world. So simple, and the program can leak memory and do whatever because it's discarded at the end of the request 🙏

Hacker22 (18)

Hi I am Bob and I think this says it all.

16jonesh (0)

@16Gales i dont have a family lol

Branflakes (0)

@16Gales stop thot patrol has taken down this page

16jonesh (0)

@Branflakes is your name sticky steve

Branflakes (0)

@16greent man will get u in my basement

16jonesh (0)

@Drakester17 it has come to ur nans house

HarveyH (215)

@Hacker22 Coding memes...

The best kind of memes!

HappyFakeboulde (241)

Hello world, I am HappyFakeBoulder
I hate everything, including coding, but that is one of the things i hate less than many other things.
At the time of my writing this, I mainly code in Python 3, Java, binary/assembly for some of my made-up CPUs, and HTML (although some would consider that last one to not be real coding), but that might change by the time you read this.

HappyFakeboulde (241)

@jackslack0 WTH is this "hi waify" thing about?!


@HappyFakeboulde do not question waify

liltaco (206)


HappyFakeboulde (241)

@liltaco The assembly is for CPUs that I designed myself, so it's not so terrible.
Otherwise, yes.

UndertaleRulez (33)

@HappyFakeboulde Moopy said that your were his waifu, thats where the waifi thing came from


@Mooopy hi waify

UndertaleRulez (33)

@HappyFakeboulde just delete your comment then re-upload or re-type it

OwenBradstreet (128)


I'm Owen, and although I'm not new to repl.it I'm very new to the forum part - and I've been very active recently, I love it! I program in Python 3, and (not to blow my own trumpet) I think I'm pretty good. I use repl.it so I can code on my chromebook, and now for this awesome community!
I really hope to become well-known and liked here!

  • Owen
amasad (3449)

@OwenBradstreet Welcome! I've already seen awesome stuff from you and I look forward to more 🙌

MarkFerreira (4)

Hi i'm Mark I'm doing my GCSEs this year and i just finished making a simple encryption/decryption program👍👍

WDGhaster (2)

Same for me (the encryption i mean)

Rand0mb0t (4)

Hi all, I am a computer science grad and been using replit since last year , i am using it extensively mostly for my python3, c++ and sometimes for C and java as well. Its a quick platform for executing your programs without having to setup the environment in your own PC. Loving the service

amasad (3449)

@Rand0mb0t awesome! Welcome. You should try it to host prototypes and webservices too :) Try django or flask for example.

CaptainAnon (148)

@amasad There's flask? I can't see it listed.

amasad (3449)

@CaptainAnon just go to python and click examples, the first one is flask :)

bowserx19 (19)

Hi guys! I've been coding on Repl.it for about as long as I've been doing Python3. I'm trying to make an RPG with a turn based system, stats, custom movesets and such. I'm gonna put TONS of secrets because I've been playing a lot of Breath of the Wild lately. Anyways I love using Repl and the people are very nice. I'm definitely gonna need help with graphics (anything visual outside of text because I'm not artist and also because any online tutorial I copy doesn't do jack). If anyone is good with that and willing to help then that would be great but I'm barely anywhere yet in development so it won't be for awhile until I need this. Nice to be here with the Repl community! :D

amasad (3449)

@bowserx19 This sounds really cool. You should join us in the discord server to talk about it: https://discord.gg/QWFfGhy

SureshPatil (8)

@bowserx19 OwO you're so cool! I wish I had that much XP! Thanks for the support budz.

badward (5)

Hi, My name Ivan, I am from Ukraine and i am really wanna become best programmer (or closest 2 this as i can get), i am using repl it just because my notebook are broken a bit, and i cant use MVS or smthng.. so, hope i can make some friends over there, and take some fun.
P.S. my eng not the greatest, so don't hate me or something. I am trying.

UndertaleRulez (33)

@badward You can just make friends in threads like this one :P

I mean maybe we can be friends, so you can change the sad profile pic to a happy one

amasad (3449)

@badward we're building this to be a welcoming community, programmers at all levels, so welcome and hope we all grow together 🙌

badward (5)

@UndertaleRulez i can't be happy when my pc are kinda dead.. u know

UndertaleRulez (33)

@badward.... oh ( i really don't know what to say to that but maybe you can try to get it fixed? )

timmy_i_chen (1180)

Hi guys, I'm Tim and I work at Repl.it - I like programming, teaching, and learning. Big fan of Javascript and Python, so feel free to ask any questions! In my personal life, I like playing poker, videogames, and biking.

Babbel (65)

@timmy_i_chen I'm a fan of Python too :) What videogames do you play?

timmy_i_chen (1180)

@Babbel Haven't had much time lately, but Dota 2 is always a good time (especially with @masfrost - but some recent games I've enjoyed were Getting Over It and Kingdoms and Castles. I play minecraft on a private server with friends every other new patch or so. Do you play games? If yes, which one(s)?

Babbel (65)

@timmy_i_chen i play warthunder, battlefield, skyrim, oblivion, fallout, minecraft and occasionally some other games

timmy_i_chen (1180)

@Babbel Nice! Did you see bethesda's E3? Thoughts on multiplayer fallout? :P

Babbel (65)

@timmy_i_chen i saw only parts of the show because it was late in the night here in switzerland. I'm not happy with the idea of a multiplayer only fallout

samosale (0)

@timmy_i_chen Hi Timmy, what is the name of light theme that repl uses?

techgeek680 (73)

I play just Minecraft, Roblox, and this very underrated game that I think is awesome called Skiddy Car. @timmy_i_chen


@timmy_i_chen hello. the only reason i recognize you is because of the repl.it homepage when you're logged out.

coderash (286)

Hi, I'm Coderash, I'm pretty new, I code websites mainly, but also very long python programs.I have made https://www.asherfalcon.co.uk and assisted making https://www.jalcon.co.uk. I made Jalcon with https://repl.it/@galamphin and The Jalcon Repl Account is https://repl.it/@jalcon . I love advertising and want to beat @galamphin on most upvotes, remember I made Falcon Industries and all it's software.

amasad (3449)

@coderash cool stuff!! I look forward to your game jam work

StudentMichael1 (3)

Hi I'm MonsterMike. I'm from Ohio, United States

StudentWilliam1 (4)

@StudentMichael1 Hey Monster Mike! Rad nickname! fist bump . Why did you pick the name MonsterMike?

Rosanasincere (3)

Hello everyone!

My name is Rosana and I'm a college sophomore studying Information Technology. I first used repl.it at a 2 hour seminar in Miami, FL about Ruby. Since then I hadn't been back, but recently I rediscovered it browsing on Google. I've been programming in HTML/CSS and Python for a few years now, but I want to get into Ruby and I figured that this is a good platform to explore it on. I'm looking forward to creating and discovering on this site, as well as meeting other creators!

amasad (3449)

@Rosanasincere Hey Rosana! We're glad you're back, we've added a lot of fun features since.

Mosrod (548)

Hello, i'm Nathan R (Mosrod), and I like coding Python, hanging out on Discord, and doing random things on my computer. I love using repl.it, and it is very efficient to work on code from the cloud!

amasad (3449)

@Mosrod Hello Nathan, good to see you here 👋

UndertaleRulez (33)

hi Nate or would you like me to call you @Mosrod? anyways welcome to the thread

Mosrod (548)

@UndertaleRulez I would prefer you to call me @Mosrod on the threads since I can easily get notified.

fortnitemaster (9)

hi im from vietnam my name is fornite master bye dont know anything to say

timmy_i_chen (1180)

@fortnitemaster What are your thoughts on PUBG? ;)

UndertaleRulez (33)

Hello @fortnitemaster i have one suggestion, add a profile picture

hayaodeh (199)

@fortnitemaster hello there! nice to have you on Repl.it! how long have you been coding for?


Hi i'm Josh and i'm new to repl.it but I have made some progress on this website by making two short but fun games and one game that is in the process of being made. I program on python3 and I hope that I can be well-liked for my games

liltaco (206)

@JOSHUAKONDUR Python is not a good programming language for games though. If you wanna go more serious with games, you should pick a game framework or engine and work with its language. I use XNA and C#.

hayaodeh (199)

@UndertaleRulez OMG your profile pic is so cute 🤗

UndertaleRulez (33)

Thx @hayaodeh just search up Ink!sans gifs and you'll find it

JSer (84)

console.log("Hello World!");
I'm Caleb, a Java (Kotlin), HTML5 and Node.js lover. I mainly make games with HTML5 (and sometimes Node.js for multiplayer).

How I got into programming

I was interested in Scratch (eewww) when I learnt it in school, and I wanted to learn more about programming. I started with HTML5 (JavaScript) on https://sololearn.com and I found that it's cool to make interactive webpages. I made my own website http://suck.cf. When I got into Java, I briefly learned how to make JavaFX apps and Android apps.

How I got into repl.it

When I started to try Python (now I don't use it LOL), I googled Python online IDE and repl.it showed on the top. I tried it and it's really good. I started to explore more about repl.it and discovered I Built This. Then I started to post my projects there, and joined their Discord server.

UndertaleRulez (33)

hiiiiiiiiii @caleblol cool profile pic, did you use a gif for it? i really want to know so i can try it myself

hayaodeh (199)

@UndertaleRulez yeh you can upload a gif, I like gif's in profile pictures

liltaco (206)

@caleblol I started with Sololearn too, but I overgrew it.

Babbel (65)

@caleblol "I googled Python online IDE and repl.it showed on the top" same here ^^

426729 (184)

I'm 426, and I love to use Repl.it! I have been coding in Python for ~3 years, and have more than 100 REPLs. I have made a level maker and player, file hosting services, and chatrooms with Node.js. I am learning C++ with Repl.it! Without Repl.it I would probably just be playing video games instead of making awesome things, so thank you, Repl.it.

amasad (3449)

@426729 I love your game and how you're building it!

You should add a profile pic 😉

timmy_i_chen (1180)

@426729 Seconding the profile pic request! Your work is awesome and it's about to get a lot more traffic - adding a profile picture adds an image to go with the name :)

hayaodeh (199)

@426729 yes! upload a profile picture, or a gif :)

smrsan761 (80)

Hi, My name is too long! So, I abbreviated it to SMRSAN.
I'm happy because you've found my comment and you are reading it.
If you are interested at playing the famous "Tetris" game, I'm inviting you to play it in my repl which I've written/made and posted it for the game jam's challenge.

However, if you don't like to play a Tetris like game, please take a look at my repl profile and if there was any, use/vote/play my other projects/repls.

Thanks for reading my comment. 🙏
I hope you'll enjoy my games/projects.
( If you enjoyed very much, please don't forget to vote me for the game jam challenge 😉 )


Hey! the name's Rogue_King...
I am a coder that is looking to learn c#...
I know python, html/css and can somewhat adeptly use linux bash system.
ne of my relatives has a job in the cyber-security field and I am also learning how to do that.
I mostly create text adventures and such. Python is my main coding language and I am grateful to have found repl as an online interpreter.

eankeen (2178)

Hi, I'm sort of a new user to Repl.it. I found this website when I was planning to create some programming club at my school. The club never really was instantiated and forgot about this website until 7 months ago when I created a new account. It was only until recently that I became much more active when I found the amazing community surrounding this website.

I use Repl.it when I need to test if a piece of code works or when I want to create a small project. Most of my other projects are comparatively much larger and are not on repl.it.

amasad (3449)

@eankeen welcome Edwin, really awesome having you around 👊

Four_Of_Clubs (96)

Hello, I'm Alex, a HS student in America who just got into coding as a hobby. All I've done so far is mess around in python, but I hope to improve. I look forward to seeing what I and others can do here in Repl.
Nice to meet everyone!

amasad (3449)

@Four_Of_Clubs nice to meet you! Good work on hangman

gabbyneve (1)

@Four_Of_Clubs hi do you mean by HS as in homeschool?

Four_Of_Clubs (96)

@gabbyneve No, as in High School, sorry for the confusion. :)

ByronShipman (3)

Hi, I am a smart kid who knows python, html, and css. I also am working a science fiction book, while showing magic tricks to friends. I like to read a lot - especially sci-fi and fantasy books. I also am good with legos, and I work with robots. I can speak some japanese, and good at origami. I also am good with soccer, while I can shoot archery. I am president of a 4-h club. I am a 11 year old in sixth grade.

amasad (3449)

@ByronShipman wow this is really cool! Welcom

ByronShipman (3)

I also can sing really good.

ByronShipman (3)

I also found a talent for drawing

SpicyRice (7)

Hey im spicyrice and im building a chatbot! Please test it out for me. Its called blue the chatbot :)

iconick (3)

Howdy I'm Nick i'm 18 i'm a Leo and I like ASMR.

moncayoamelia01 (4)

@iconick you're a disgrace to the true LEO's of this world

iconick (3)

@hopebrooke blocked and reported :///

timmy_i_chen (1180)

@iconick They've been banned. Thanks for reporting.

iconick (3)

@timmy_i_chen It's so good to see the justice system in action :)