🎉(about:you;)Winner announcement🎉
qualladoom (371)

Hey everyone!

What time is it? Around 9:30 PM, at least where I live.
But for all of us it's time to announce the winners of this great Hackathon! 🎉
Like in every hackathon, we saw some really, really cool submissions,
and we had a hard time finding winners!
Place 5:
@MrEconomical with the great Eco Studies
Place 4: @rshetty with His submission
Place 3: @JeremieBornais with his page
Place 2: @shreykeny with this very interactive submission
Place 1: This one really was a blast, literally.
Many devs use "The sky is the limit quite often", but you, @recurshawn, took that quite literally! Really beautiful website, congrats. His submission🎉

As always, everyone: Thank you for your submissions, and be sure to take part in our next challenge, whenever this will be.🎉

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shreykeny (6)

@recurshawn Congrats! Same, can't wait for the t-shirt! :D