Weekly Results - September 2021

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night to all beautiful replers! 4 weeks ago, we started weekly challenges 3rd month with the challenges focused on math!

For the new users who did not know about these, the total score of the 4 challenges held within that month is your score at the end of every month. The one with the highest score at the end of every month will be awarded free replit hacker plan!

Here are the results for 3rd set of monthly challenges.

WEEKLY 12 results

At rank 1, we have @VulcanWM with a score of 36!

At rank 2, we have @MattDESTROYER with a score of 33!

At rank 3, we have @Bunnytoes with a score of 28.

You can check out your own score (if you weren't in the top 3), at the website - https://weekly.thedrone7.repl.co/

And that's it!

As promised, @VulcanWM has been given a month of free hacker plan!

There will be no weekly challenges in October since we want to focus on KaJam! Be sure to check it out, participate if you'd like to, and spread the word among fellow hackers who might be interested!

Good luck to all the replers, have fun and hack away!

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