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Weekly Repls!
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Good morning replitors! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and a fantastic long weekend to those in the U.S.A. We have some great projects and tutorials people are posting, so keep up the great work! Fun Fact of the day: You don't need to connect your repl to GitHub to use git integration! This means you can use git to manually create save points in your code, which you can revert back too in needed! With that out of the way, let's check out these repls!

Snowball fights, are fun. Turtles, are fun. So logically, this turtle snowball fight game is a ton of fun!

Fluids are notoriously hard to simulate, hence why most games don't both creating systems like waves. Using google's liquidfun program, now you can create waves, and play around with liquids on your computer!

Clicker games are pretty simple, and not too stressful. Until you make it a survival game, which is exactly what this repler did!

Polymorph is not only a great D&D spell, but it's also very useful in C++! Checkout this tutorial to learn how to use it!

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