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Weekly Results - August 2020
TheDrone7 (1900)

Weekly Result - August 2020

Good morning/evening replers! Hope you're all still doing good. 4 weeks ago, we started the 4th batch of weekly challenges - A series of beginner friendly coding challenges for everyone to solve! Given below are links to each of the past 4 weekly challenges.

Weekly challenge 13 : TODO List

Weekly challenge 14 : Conversion Calculator

Weekly challenge 15 : Euler's Number

Weekly challenge 16 : Password Vault

NOTE : The max score is 40.


RANK 1 : @minx28

@minx28 reused the same design over and over for all their submissions but they always overdid the features section thus making it impossible to deduct points for design and earned a total score of 38.

RANK 2 : @lilykhan

@lilykhan being the exact counterpart of minx, always overdid the design but kept the functionality to a bare minimum. They earned a total score of 37.

RANK 3 : @CodingCactus

@CodingCactus as usual, delivered some amazing functionality in projects. However, they kept falling pretty behind in terms of design. And also suffered a disqualification once. Making their total score 25.

As for their prize, @minx28 will be getting the 1 month of free hacker plan. And for everyone else, you can check out your own scores at this website.

The next set of weekly challenges won't be restricted to either websites or command line interfaces or GUIs. The next challenge will be announced on Sunday!

Any constructive feedback on how to make these more fun is appreciated via the comments section!

Thank you for being here and have a good day/night!

EpicGamer007 (1736)

Congratulations Everyone!

I don't like the math one, completely your choice but in my opinion, don't make more challenges about math, tbh i dont think many people will use that other than for calculating e. I think that #WEEKLY challenges should be about creating real-world applications.. Of course, this is all my opinion

EpicGamer007 (1736)

@oignons, i gave up on weekly challenges after the math one came out. better try again this month!

DaLiteralPanda (11)

@AbhayBhat nah #replmakesuslearnmath :D

HarperframeInc (456)

but today is sunday...

HarperframeInc (456)

@TheDrone7 no I meant that whats the challenge for sunday
there's no post

TheDrone7 (1900)

@HarperframeInc I said it'll be announced on Sunday, since Sunday still remains, I'll post it later on. For all weekly challenges, you get an entire week of time to solve the problem.

adl212 (172)

I got disqualified oof. Probably because .env files can't be read by users but only by the owner of the code.

TheDrone7 (1900)

@adl212 well, there are still workarounds, as you yourself suggested, using a regular hashing technique would've done the trick.

JDOG787 (436)

Awesome! I wish I had time to finish this one 😕. But I’m going to do the next one!

JosephSanthosh (1181)

Can I ask you a question? How on earth do you know how to build every challenge, don't you need like a tutorial? Like how do you know what to code to make the challenge? @JDOG787

AstOwOlfo (257)

dont take this the wrong way but any competent dev should be able to solve these challenges with the help of google and stackoverflow @JosephSanthosh

JDOG787 (436)

@JosephSanthosh idk I just figure it out. keep trying till it works the way I want it to. also I do google stuff If I need to :D

DynamicSquid (4921)

did anyone use wix.com? just curious

JosephSanthosh (1181)

Don't use wix use wordpress! Wordpress is a lot easier and nicer. It's just that wix has a more efficient advertising. @DynamicSquid

potatojs (846)

wix is for noobs
wix is CRINGE

Nayoar (572)

Bruh I did a new design for the last one. Also you did say it was ok for me to reuse the design lol

CodingCactus (4366)

they kept falling pretty behind in terms of design

oof I liked my designs lol

the todo and password were amazing challenges btw, my favourite so far (didn't like the e one)

Nayoar (572)

indeed, your password one was blue, that's always a good thing in my eyes