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Weekly Repls #33
21natzil (1208)

Welcome back everyone! We had a lot of events going on, such as the discord server's code jam. The results of that have yet to be posted, however I have a feeling that they'll be coming out soon... Anyways, you're not here to learn about the jam. You're here for this week's repls, so let's check them out!

@CowNationz Creates a wonderful, easy to use database in C++, lightweight and can easily display it's tables.

@timmy_i_chen Created an entertaining game for all to play! Flip switches until you create the correct combination.

@eankeen Explains how to create your own blog setup, all inside of repl.it!

@lukel_lv Through the new Love 2D language on repl.it, play asteroids to explode all of space.

@TristanArmstron Play a simple, but really fun game of cows and bulls, where the objective is too find a 4 digit combination, with a variety of small hints.

That's all for this week. I can't wait to see what you guys make next week!

jacksmith48 (0)

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