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Weekly Repl Highlight!
21natzil (1176)

Hello! Welcome to a new series of posts from the repl talk moderation team. We're seeing what awesome projects you guys are making, and decided that each week we would highlight some of our favorite.

We had a lot of great submissions, however there can only be one winner. With that said, we do have some honorable mentions.

@SingularityV3 made a great pong game, and is super fun to play with friends!

@CSharpIsGud Made a more practical program, but impressive none the less. He made an HTML parser in C#, and it works great!

@theangryepicbanana Decided to blow us away with his great editor, now we're just waiting for him to hook it up with the actual language!

@WiNDfaLLx Anyone who says you can't be a programmer and an artist is wrong. Along with Wind's great program, they also include amazing pieces of art.

@derulan also made their own language this week, but with a twist. If you like the syntax of brackets and the python language, "Rosey" was made for you.

@tiki720 Made our second game with week. A multiplayer tank battle, which ends up being tons of fun for the people playing it!

With the honorable mentions said and done, the winner is...
@tiki720! Funnily enough, tiki made 2 projects that caught our eye. This one was a cannon simulator, and has great physics that make the project run smoothly.

Once again, thank you everyone for your submissions, and we'll select a new project next week!

AllenRowland (2)

congrats lads well deserved x

WiNDfaLLx (29)

Oh my god thank you so much for the mention! I'm a newb so it means a lot ^-^