Repl.It CodeJam Event #2
Mosrod (525)

Welcome to the second ever Repl.It CodeJam! This event is a challenge that fits every coder from beginner to advanced. This 48 hour event will have you coding brilliant new ideas for each topic. On the newly, publicly announced Discord server, you can get help from the admins, moderators, or from your fellow competitors. Its free to participate in and if you win the challenge, you get to be featured on the newsletter, get an emoji on the Discord server, and get the special role on the Discord server! This is a fun opportunity that you'll never want to miss out on, so sign up and mark your calendar!

Date: August 3rd 12:30pm EDT to August 5th 8:00pm EDT
Length: 48 hours
SignUp Form:
Discord Server:

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Darklordx (1)

Wait, is this like an official replit thing? Either way, I'm in. ;)