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Unblock Replit At Schools: A petition
TheDrone7 (1936)

Replit is a great educational tool facilitating CS education in a very creative way. There's no one who knows it better than you guys - the community. But schools have started blocking replit.
Please sign this petition - https://www.change.org/p/schools-of-the-world-unblock-replit-at-schools started by one of the students and help us facilitate CS education in even more schools.

UPDATE: We know that most of you looking at this don't have it blocked (well obviously since you're seeing this, it isn't blocked for you) but we ask you to sign the petition so replit can be unblocked at schools that do have it blocked. Help out your fellow students from other schools!

Thank you

AndrewMarkarian (21)

Great! Now we need one for repl.co


The lightspeed relay software seems to think replit is a proxy. You might want to contact them and tell them that isn't what replit is.

DuaneHabecker (0)

Our issue is that the url ends in “.it” rather than a more common ending like com, org, etc.

LuckyOreos (203)

People can just use their own device instead of their school one to access repl.it p,us most schools don’t have it blocked

Kasey001 (0)

Maybe if I went more frequently I wouldn’t over spend every time I walk in https://vidmate.bet/.

DSAyonatan20 (1)

Sure but I'm looking at this during math class (don't worry I finished my work)

FlappyTheBat (6)

its not blocked for me lol


lol im at school and using replit

fireaxe (0)

@snekattack yeah, replit isn't blocked at my school too lol