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Repl.it competition results!
TheDrone7 (1777)

Over the past week, we ran a video competition for Replers. We got some great submissions from the community, and now it's time to announce the winners!

1st Place

@piemadd Love the 3D animation and vibey tunes! Enjoy your free year of hacker B^)

Piemadd's video

2nd Place

@matthewproskils Shouting out the community! 6 months of hacker for you!

Matthewproskils's video

Honorable Mentions

All the honorable mentions get a shoutout and 1 free month of hacker o_0


Cool James's video


PowerCoder's video

@Edqe (late but great submission)

Edqe's video

And an extra quick shoutout to @bramley. Thanks for the idea for the competition!

CoolJames1610 (716)

But say we have a private repl and out hacker expires, what happens?

TheDrone7 (1777)

@CoolJames1610 you get a choice to make it public or leave it be.

mwilki7 (1134)

powercoder has expert ventriloquist skills

PowerCoder (734)

@mwilki7 😂 It was hard to find a puppet so realistic

IceWolfy1 (5)

Can we see the films?

TheDrone7 (1777)

Yes, they're right there in the post! Just click on the images. @IceWolfy1

IceWolfy1 (5)

@TheDrone7 They went there a few seconds ago lol thanks

CoolJames1610 (716)

Were there not a lot of entries? Cause mine wasn't that good but I got a mention.