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Repl.it Community Year In Review
amasad (3537)

It's been an awesome year for our community! I had some fun looking at the data and reflecting on our community, and I'd like to share some of the stuff I found interesting.

Top creators

In Feb 2018 we released the first version of our hosting platform. At first it worked only for static html projects. In March of 2018 we released our beta version of dynamic web server hosting. Since then you, our lovely replers, went to work making websites and apps. In 2019 we saw some of our first viral apps and big hits.

Top creator: @mat1

It might not come as a surprise to many of you that our top creator of 2019 is @mat1! Mat has been consistently making things and his influence has continued to grow reaching insane heights at the end of the year. Check out the traffic his apps has garnered:

His top apps:

As a thank you to @mat1 for being an awesome creator we're going to build his favorite feature into Repl.it! Whatever he requests from us (within reason) we have to build.

Honorable mention @jajoosam

The first ever Repl.it app to go viral was @jajoosam's lyrics.rip! Samarth also had an awesome year making things. Check out his traffic chart:

Top apps from @jajoosam:

Code stats

Some fun stats:

17,876,557 repls created in 2019

392,963,340 code runs in 2019

10,000,000,000 estimated lines of code written in 2019

Language breakdown:

Top-voted post of 2019

The Dark Forest by @DJWang getting 210 upvotes and 117 comments (all in 2 months!). Big hit!

As a thank you to @DJWang for an awesome game we're going to send him some Repl.it swag!

2020 is going to be huge

Repl.it is growing really fast and 2020 is bound to be a huge year so start early. Start making and shipping things!

MatthewDoan1 (333)


qualladoom (371)

Great year, great creators. Thanks for coding with us, fellow replers.

SixBeeps (5333)

10,000,000,000 estimated lines of code written in 2019

That's a lot of code.

PaoloAmoroso (191)

Concerning Repl.it itself, in 2019 we got Multiplayer Mode, UPM, and GitHub support. @amasad what major new features can we expect in 2020?


Each repl had 500 lines of code on average

jajoosam (946)

Looking forward to new things on repl.it 2020!

btw @thesephist look at that lyrics.rip graph 😮 🚀

MrEconomical (2303)

its rewind time
thats hot

V3rmillionNet (53)

Meanwhile i am here using polygott while trying to make a linux emulator in replit

HackermonDev (2074)

Maybe I can be on the top creator this year.