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Repl.It CodeJam Event #3
Mosrod (528)

Welcome to the third repl.it CodeJam! During this 48 hour collaborative event, you will code new ideas for a topic with a partner of your choosing. Also, the CodeJam is going to be using the new collab mode on Repl.It! If you need any help, you can go on our Discord Server, and request it. Its totally free to participate, and if you win, you get to be featured on the newsletter, get an emoji on the Discord server, and get the special role on the Discord server! This is an opportunity for beginner coders to advanced coders, so sign up and enjoy the Jam!

Date: Saturday 15th 12:00pm EDT to Monday 17th 12:00pm EDT
Length: 48 hours
SignUp Form: https://goo.gl/forms/P1jhe44u2pCnhdlu1
Discord Server: https://repl.it/discord

amasad (3350)

Worth noting that the theme will be revealed on the day of.

21natzil (1175)

As a side note: at least 1 member of your group MUST be on the discord server!


Which language ?

XavierDD (90)

Do I have to use discord to particapate?
*Note: I'm asking for future code jams.

MeowC (54)

Fortnite dancing