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Repl Spotlight
21natzil (1208)

Hello, replitors! I hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe. April 1st happened recently, did you get fooled? Or did you fool someone else? I saw a couple of April fools jokes on Repl.it, and I'll be honest, they got me. Be sure to comment on what April Fools tricks tricked you, or how you pranked others. Enough joking around though here's are some of the awesome repls posted this week!

@Epicwater Conquer the universe from the comfort of your home in this fantastic RPG!

@CodeLongAndPros This simulation lets you visualize a rocket's trajectory and distance, quickly and easily!

@Theboys619 .IO games are all the rage, and this program exposes the API to one of them!

@AgastyaSandhuja Streaming is a classic way to pass time during quarantine, and this site lets you stream from Disney+

DynamicSquid (5028)

You know, I actually like this system! I love how you guys are engaging with the community and posting great repl's that may not have a lot of attention.

LiamDonohue (295)

one day... my repl will be up there lol

AgastyaSandhuja (170)

Lol the number of people who fell for mine though...

SixBeeps (5346)

@AgastyaSandhuja I'm 10 days late but you just now got me

CodeLongAndPros (1631)

I made my website rickroll anyone who tried to use it...