Feedback for git support + the new GitHub integration

Hi All!
Git support + the new integration with GitHub is in the process of rolling out!
When the feature is enabled for you, we'd love to hear how we could improve, and what additions you'd like to see.

feedback so far:

from @mat1:
"is there a way to create a .gitignore file? I tried making one but nothing happens when I press enter."

We're working on supporting this soon!

from @Vandesm14:
"Is this live? I don't see the git sidebar. Is this an explorer-only feature?"

We're currently in the process of rolling the feature out to everyone. Some users have it enabled currently.

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My commits aren't showing up in my profile because the metadata doesn't contain my email anymore. I can see them on my repositories but I don't have any activity in my profile because it's like I'm not the one making it because the emails don't match. I'm the only contributor, so I would like to have the commits on my profile.


@PilarVsquez Same here


@PilarVsquez same, did you find a solution yet?


@PilarVsquez I am having the same issue.


@itzkiettttt Yes... I changed to a VPN.


@PilarVsquez I tried using a VPN just now and it still doesn't work. Any other suggestions or things you did?


@itzkiettttt What didn't work for you? I moved everything to the server and I transfer the files via FTP, and I push commits locally.


@PilarVsquez Whenever i commit and push using the Version Control tab, it doesnt include my email and stuff and therefore the commits dont show up on my profile. The repo does change and a commit does go through but it just doesnt go through in my name/profile


@itzkiettttt Oh okay, what I meant is that I'm not using Replit at all anymore, because of this and more issues. I found a solution though but it's a bit annoying to do everytime. I push the commit, and then I type git commit --amend --author "github username <email>" in the console. After that, I refresh and push again, you get two commits but at least one is yours and can show up on your profile. It got annoying pretty soon so I just moved my stuff outside of Replit.


@PilarVsquez ahh i see, i'll try that. i found another way where i just download it as a ZIP and just use VScode to commit and push it. Works fine but just takes longer. The only reason im using replit is because it allows me and my buddies to work on the same thing more easily. Thanks!


@itzkiettttt good luck! that one was annoying and added an extra unnecessary commit but it worked for me


@PilarVsquez what I did was set up my gitconfig manually, then commit and push with username and password via git. GitHub recognized it as my contribution. Hope this helps.