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Monthly repls - August 2020
TheDrone7 (1900)

Hey there replers, we made it through yet another month (and a big jam too whew) so it is time again for the MONTHLY REPLS. For those who do not know what these are, these are the repl talk posts that were made in the past 1 month and are really interesting and really worth checking out.

So, here we go!

New to repl.it? Go through this post by @userSM to learn about the various terms used in repl.it!

This month, we got a lot of games, so lets get started with those first.

And to kick it off, we got @Coder100's FINGER Gang - a very simple yet fun 2D shooting game.

@bgrubert recreated the old classic - Minesweeper with various animations and difficulty levels to make it more interesting.

@rjlevy made this small, beautiful and fun puzzle game.

@MatthewX made another puzzle game but it's one of a kind I've never seen before.

@mwilki7 put together this 2D infinite runner game with customizable levels. It's also one of a kind I've never seen before.

And that wraps it up for the games. Next up, people made compilers for the language BrainF in various languages. @AmazingMech2418 wrote a compiler in NodeJS and Java while @pbear wrote an interpreter in C++.

For those who want to learn a new language, a great choice is the D Lang which you can learn from this great tutorial by @nk1wc.

@pinebox created a web proxy service on repl.it and it works!

We also got a Language Whatifyer written by @SixBeeps.

@fuzzyastrocat shared a programming language called Sea with very similar syntax to C (this is not a langjam submission).

Large calculations can take a while, learn how to optimize your code using memorization in this tutorial by @DynamicSquid.

@Spacecraft created a command-line based Spritzlet reader to boost up your reading speed.

Bash is a very frequently observed shell language. It's used by pretty much all UNIX based shells and we use it heavily on repl.it as well (specially on our infamous jobs page). @CodeLongAndPros wrote this tutorial for everyone to learn the basics of this insanely useful language. They also wrote a tutorial on how to use QEMU.

@AbhayBhat coded a replit DB client for Java

@BobTheTomatoPie developed this website to showcase various kinds of customizable animations.

Even felt like the repl.it editor just doesn't suit your needs? Learn how you can use VSCode themes on repl.it using this tampermonkey script by @Scoder12.

@MarcusWeinberger put together a well designed Online notes taking app with full support for markdown and HTML. They also created an email service exclusive to all repl.it users called repl.email!

We all love Minecraft, learn how to create a Minecraft plugin on repl.it! by @agent9002!

And as I always say that's definitely not all for this month. As usual, there's a lot of other great posts that did not make it here, be sure to put them in the comments section for others to check out. And be sure to see it anyways in case someone else has left one for you to check out.

And finally now, that's all for this month. See ya all next month with another set of monthly highlights.

TheDrone7 (1900)

Please don't treat these like a competition. As I said, there are many more posts worth checking out. These are just my personal favorites.

JosephSanthosh (1181)

Oh so you choose which ones you like and you put here? @TheDrone7

TheDrone7 (1900)

@JosephSanthosh that's basically it. But these are the ones that I absolutely loved, not just liked.

HahaYes (1861)

Also Congrats to all!

littlepenguin (143)

Congrats to every one of this list!

HackermonDev (2020)

oof your hacker plan expired

RolandJLevy (1083)

Ah, yay! this is the first time I've been mentioned in a monthly repl! Thank you 😊

RolandJLevy (1083)

Ah thanks @fuzzyastrocat! That's kind of you, and well done for your Sea project!

fuzzyastrocat (1842)

@rjlevy No problem! And thanks too!

MarcusWeinberger (785)

Ayy happy to see repl.email mentioned (along with my notes app). Just to make it clear, its a regular email service. You can email anyone, but you have to have a repl.it account to sign up.

Also, could you please add @rafrafraf as we work together on repl.email (he really improved the frontend)

rafrafraf (1392)

@MarcusWeinberger ayyy repl.email is on here thats dope

systemctl (39)

Yay i was included

Bookie0 (6283)

also, this month:

last month:

improvement from last month good :)

AleshaBond (0)

@gecgecgec i agree with this message

firefish (948)

@AleshaBond Aha! are you two the same person?

AleshaBond (0)

@firefish nah fam i just a humble 100 gecs fan

firefish (948)


nah fam i just a humble 100 gecs fan

  • First of all, I'm not your family
  • Second, what is 100 gecs
AleshaBond (0)

@firefish ur my brother now also 100 gecs is a masterpiece lol

userSM (260)

Yay I've been mentioned!!

fuzzyastrocat (1842)

> Shares first repl
> Gets it on monthly

Yay 100% rate!

Good job everyone here, these repls are awesome.

DynamicSquid (4919)

oh yay my tutorial got featured :)

fuzzyastrocat (1842)

@DynamicSquid Good job, it was a good tutorial too

RileyBillingha (1)

java is more useful then HTML with HTML what runs the back end is java start with java then learn HTML


I’m new here I wondering if I should start with java or html wut do u guys think?

DungeonMaster00 (190)

@QuaziMayel html or javascript would be a good first language, but java will make a good second language

immycarew (0)

hey yall happy monday

k9chelsea2 (736)

Fs in the chat for TheDrones hacker plan

HahaYes (1861)

oof where is your hacker plan lol

firefish (948)

@HahaYes wondered why there was a bit of red missing....

Leroy01010 (409)

you don't need a hacker plan to be famous

mind: yes you do
me: shut up
mind why should i shut up if you never do
me: remember i rule you
mind: no you don't
me: listen i know the laws of physics and you don't
mind: i know you have brain problems and i don't
me: but your my brain



idk what what I read lol, me is new here Congrats!

RohilPatel (1581)

how long did it take to make this post

firefish (948)

@TheDrone7 sarcasm alert Wow! That didn't take very long! And so much effort! You must really know all the repls! the last one probably true

HahaYes (1861)

I think its time to dump a giant java and c++ tutorial