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Monthly Repls - November 2020
TheDrone7 (1823)

Hey there replers, I know this is late (quite a lot actually) but it's always fun so here are this month's MONTHLY REPLS! For those who do not know what these are, these are the repl talk posts that were made during the last month, i.e. November, and are really interesting and really worth checking out.

So, here we go!

We start off with tutorials first this time. And to kick those off, we have @elipie's Ruby Tutorial and @Bookie0's LOLCODE Tutorial. Also, learn how to make your own language with @fuzzyastrocat's very detailed Programming language development tutorial!

Also, we are nearing the age of Quantum computing, learn more about it and Quil, in this tutorial by @AmazingMech2418.

Followed by more games from our lovely share board.

And the first in that list is @RoyalCoder1234's Coin Collector and @RolandJLevy's POP 100 simple but fun nonetheless.

Test the limits of graphics in the console itself with @YuAndy's BLUE SQUARE and @Muffinlavania's The Maze.

Learn more about algorithms and challenge yourself with complex problem solving with @sugarfi and darknew's AlgoHamlet while if you just want to have fun, check out @headiscoding recreating one level of the good old Angry Birds game.

Teach the young how to spell various words with @JosephBettis's Spell Slingers!

And that does it for games but there's still a lot more interesting stuff so be sure to check it all out.

@AlexanderTarn explains the difference between Pseudo-Random and Quantum random with an example!

@RayhanADev's NodeLyrics allows you to search for most songs/artists in a really cool UI. They also made their own version of Python in JS inspired by @fuzzyastrocat's own version of Python in C.

@EpicRaisin used Canvas and VanillaJS to create a pseudo-3D renderer of their own! Similarly, @JamesAHelton used canvas to create an interactive parallax dots background for their webpages that changes as you scroll.

@rafrafraf alongside @MarcusWeinberger developed an entire web analytics service completely on repl.it. A really impressive feat.

Simulate how a disease spreads and causes a pandemic using @AnvayMathur1 and @graph_coder's Pandemic simulator which allows you to modify a lot of details.

Lookup Wikipedia articles in multiple languages from a console using @robowolf's Boogle search engine.

Code competitively with @minx28's EON! Also, check out @PowerCoder's Trivi for configurable Trivia!

Another cool thing to check out is @Coder100's Quicken Editor which is basically a web-based editor for their coding language - cookeylang with a really great user interface.

Meanwhile, @NihilAnand wrote a program that works as a commercial-grade Enigma machine for encrypting and decrypting messages!

@piemadd shares Replit.sh - a URL shortener developed using only repl.it.

And to end it all, @amasad (yes, the CEOman) made Code Daily for you to keep track of how frequently you code and compare it with others in the community!

And as I always say that's definitely not all for this month. As usual, there's a lot of other great posts that did not make it here, be sure to put them in the comments section for others to check out. And be sure to see it anyway in case someone else has left one for you to check out.

And finally now, that's all for this month. I apologize once again for the crazy delay with these and hope to get the next one on time. See ya all next month with another set of monthly highlights.

headiscoding (945)

great job 🤩

ggs to everyone who got on the monthly repl post!!!

rafrafraf (1398)

thanks for mentioning our web analytics! if you could also add @MarcusWeinberger as we made the site together that would be great

RolandJLevy (1069)

@TheDrone7, thanks for taking the time to put this together. It great to see all this amazing work. Well done everyone! 🚀

Bookie0 (6149)



firefish (935)

@TheDrone7 Me and @Kookiez have successfully created a successor to the #WEEKLY Challenges! You can find the post here: https://repl.it/talk/share/WEEKLY-Challenges-The-Comeback/112526

Baconman321 (1090)

Sigh, I do hope someone reads my tutorials D:

Great tutorials tho!!

Kookiez (395)

where are the december monthly repls, or are you still working on them?

TheDrone7 (1823)

@Kookiez no December monthly repls. Instead of those, you get loopback!

SwaroopBappanad (243)

@TheDrone7 right when I made something that actually blew up in december.... =(

NoobCoder321123 (0)

Amazing work everyone!

NateRiver0 (95)

whats the long number besides each persons name?

StealthySniper (8)

@therealebraheem The long number is actually the number of repl's the person has

Kookiez (395)

@StealthySniper no, it's the number of cycles, useless internet points.

StealthySniper (8)

@Kookiez Well for me it matches the number of repl's I have. When I add a new one, the number gets larger. probably just a coincidence.

Kookiez (395)

Hi, I think you said there was something to replace the weekly challenges, is it here now? (Or are you busy)

TheDrone7 (1823)

@Kookiez it's not here yet, we're having other events for now such as last month's codejam and this month - AoC

firefish (935)

@Kookiez hehe guess who's working on it?

Kookiez (395)

@firefish hehe #weekly the comeback when is it going to be here

firefish (935)

@Kookiez new year, but I'm literally stuck at the moment, I have a question on ask here it is: https://repl.it/talk/ask/How-do-you-check-if-a-repl-exists/112122, i'll also invite you to the project

muffinman12345 (33)


adsantiago (0)

no se lo que dise pero creo que es una buena idea

miteshgokani19 (0)

Good job everyone here!👏👏👏

RayhanADev (2065)

I'm late


angrydoge (473)

@RayhanADev I know this isnt related to the topic, but could you teach me some GraphQL so I can make things like the alt detector

angrydoge (473)

Ok sorta thought i was asking rayhan but wtvr @firefish

RohilPatel (1559)

when can my repl projects be on here? reeeeeeee

Bookie0 (6149)

@RohilPatel Probably by not asking lol

Muffinlavania (1522)

Ayyyy maze pog
Also, im trying to make a camera that follows the player, basically the maze but you have low visiblity, its actually kinda cool
(preview here)
Also this is pretty darn cool, have you guys been doing this every month?

FloCal35 (623)

Yes, @Muffinlavania, at least as long as I've been here (since August)

AlexanderTarn (281)

My post that people didn't see is up here
Is this a trend?

robowolf (550)

@AlexanderTarn It's more about the most interesting code and people who took programming to it's limits (I think)

AlexanderTarn (281)

@robowolf i know, but both times that I was featured, both posts had a very low amount of upvotes
So the people on repl.it only upvote games
which means that everyone here is in middle school

TheDrone7 (1823)

@AlexanderTarn I don't actually look at the number of upvotes lol. This is just a collection of posts that I found interesting/fun. You might see some posts with a lot of upvotes there too.

RoyalCoder1234 (35)

Oh wow! One of my first repls. I can't believe it. Just wow.

AnvayMathur1 (9)

Oh my god!! I never expected that my first Repl talk post would be featured! But, my brother @graph_coder had as much to do with this as me. So, please add him on this post, @TheDrone7. But, thank you so much!!!!

FloCal35 (623)

Great job everyone, November was packed with awesome projects

YuAndy (75)

And I thought Blue Square was bad.

robowolf (550)

Good Job Everybody