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📕Language Learning Club 🤓
amasad (3344)

Henlo frens,

We're planning on starting a programming language learning club where we pick a language and a book (ideally with lots of exercises) and start learning it together. I'm flexible on the structure but here's a proposal:

  • We read a chapter and then we discuss it on discord (maybe voice)
  • We then do the exercises and share them here on repl talk

I sadly don't have time to organize this so we need volunteers. @noah427 is interesting in organizing if someone else would join him as well.

Please comment if you want to join || volunteer

HazTheWaz (266)

I'd be interested in joining (even though I'm one month late)

Grify (169)

Count me in if you have a slot empty

mkhoi (318)

I would like to join because i like to program and read and two of that together would be perfect 👌

eankeen (2054)

Awesome! Super excited - I would love to join the club! If you need any assistance or volunteers, I would be happy to help.

HackermonDev (2006)

I would like to join

a5rocks (821)

Check the server for this out on discord : https://discord.gg/VdZwAUq

hayaodeh (196)

@noah427 any updates on the learning club?

noah427 (3)

@hayaodeh wow I did not see this post will update after I talk to the people who are interested in helping

JoshTeperman (0)

Sounds great. Count me in!

Camto (9)

Sounds cool. I'll volunteer if I can.

XavierDD (90)

I want to join && volunteer but I don't have the time anymore with school and stuff.

SPQR (588)

I think this would be fun, sign me up :)

vnskynet (0)

hi, I 'm a newbie in programming. Can I join?

17ivanovk (2)

I'd like to join although my schedule is quite full I could help with the discord server?

batuj (0)

I want join for learn xD

adamspam (3)

i am a student at a school so i might not be able to join most of the time but i want to learn new languages

Zavexeon (1158)

I'd join! Although my schedule is a bit tight...

katyadee (1273)

I want to join too!

Kognise (437)

I'd love to join this! Gotta figure out some scheduling though.

joshwood (117)

I'd love to join this.