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📕Language Learning Club 🤓
amasad (3351)

Henlo frens,

We're planning on starting a programming language learning club where we pick a language and a book (ideally with lots of exercises) and start learning it together. I'm flexible on the structure but here's a proposal:

  • We read a chapter and then we discuss it on discord (maybe voice)
  • We then do the exercises and share them here on repl talk

I sadly don't have time to organize this so we need volunteers. @noah427 is interesting in organizing if someone else would join him as well.

Please comment if you want to join || volunteer

HackermonDev (2009)

I would like to join

a5rocks (819)

Check the server for this out on discord : https://discord.gg/VdZwAUq

HazTheWaz (266)

I'd be interested in joining (even though I'm one month late)

hayaodeh (196)

@noah427 any updates on the learning club?

noah427 (3)

@hayaodeh wow I did not see this post will update after I talk to the people who are interested in helping

Grify (169)

Count me in if you have a slot empty

JoshTeperman (0)

Sounds great. Count me in!

Camto (9)

Sounds cool. I'll volunteer if I can.

XavierDD (90)

I want to join && volunteer but I don't have the time anymore with school and stuff.

SPQR (589)

I think this would be fun, sign me up :)

vnskynet (0)

hi, I 'm a newbie in programming. Can I join?

17ivanovk (2)

I'd like to join although my schedule is quite full I could help with the discord server?

batuj (0)

I want join for learn xD

adamspam (3)

i am a student at a school so i might not be able to join most of the time but i want to learn new languages

Zavexeon (1158)

I'd join! Although my schedule is a bit tight...

katyadee (1274)

I want to join too!

Kognise (437)

I'd love to join this! Gotta figure out some scheduling though.

joshwood (117)

I'd love to join this.

badvillain01 (95)

ill help and also like join this club

themaka (187)

I'm still learning too, so I'll participate. No time to help organize though. Looking forward to your this, @noah427!