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Kickstart your project using Templates!
timmy_i_chen (1200)

At Repl.it, we are all about propping you up to launch your next website, app, or game. To that end, we've created Repl.it Templates, a page containing starter code for various projects you can build on Repl.it.


Templates include:

  • an e-commerce landing page using Bootstrap
  • an interactive game using Phaser.js
  • a backend server running on Python's Flask
  • a virtual reality environment in your browser using A-Frame
  • And so much more!

We're proud to showcase these templates, created by our community. You can access these templates at the templates page, or by finding the card in your dashboard's recent repls:


Want to add a template to the page? We're always looking for new templates. Submit your repl here!

Please be sure to leave any feedback for us in this thread. Happy templating!

jacksmith48 (0)

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AtlasTK (1)

I submitted a template (https://repl.it/@AtlasTK/Hello-compact-Python) a few days ago, but I haven't received any feedback yet, so I'm wondering if there was a problem with the submission process....

timmy_i_chen (1200)

@AtlasTK No problem, I plan on going through them about once a week. Gotta batch them up!

joshwood (117)

The Google forms link is broken. It requires that you "be a part of the organization."

timmy_i_chen (1200)

@joshwood Whoops, thanks - fixed :)