Feedback for git support + the new GitHub integration

Hi All!
Git support + the new integration with GitHub is in the process of rolling out!
When the feature is enabled for you, we'd love to hear how we could improve, and what additions you'd like to see.

feedback so far:

from @mat1:
"is there a way to create a .gitignore file? I tried making one but nothing happens when I press enter."

We're working on supporting this soon!

from @Vandesm14:
"Is this live? I don't see the git sidebar. Is this an explorer-only feature?"

We're currently in the process of rolling the feature out to everyone. Some users have it enabled currently.

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It isn't working for me when trying with a typescript repo


@PDanielY oof, we don't support git in typescript right now :(. I'll remove the button from the sidebar. Thanks for reporting!


@replitjeremy you're welcome


@replitjeremy Any plans to support TS? I'd love to have a copy of my code on git w/out manually porting it over, but I don't know if that's possible.


hey @mebird, we plan on adding git for all of our supported languages eventually, but it may take a while to get there. I'll make a note that people are especially interested in TS!