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Introducing Kaboom Workspace
slmjkdbtl (54)

We've been wanting to build a game making environment on replit that empowers game creators but also allows beginners get into programming in a fun and frictionless way, this is what we're working on right now, a special workspace that's geared towards easy gamedev, Kaboom Workspace!


  • kaboom flavored asset manager for all your scenes, sprites and sounds

  • a sprite editor that allows you to make sprites directly in the workspace, and use it directly in your games

  • handy debug tools that helps you get a grasp on game states

You'll code in kaboom.js, which is a simple game programming library.

here's a quick video guide to demo some of the features:

For code example, checkout the flappymark repl linked to this talk. This is still in active development and the first public release, more docs, guides and examples are on the way. Will appreciate any feedbacks and bug report!

firefish (953)

@slmjkdbtl Is there any support for spritesheets? Or maybe just different pictures for each sprite? I think the later is possible, as the tab editor has a 0 above it, but how would I go about creating the nnew ones?

DabDatBass (14)

Here's a question, how do I make my player move by HOLDING a key, and how can I have things such as scrolling or moving with momentum?

slmjkdbtl (54)

@DabDatBass You can make move by holding with

keyDown("left", () => {
    player.move(-100, 0);

not sure what you mean exactly by scrolling moving with momentum, can you find something visual to show what you want to achieve (like a video of another game or something)?

DabDatBass (14)

@slmjkdbtl moving by a var (set the var to itself multiplied by 0.85) then change pos by that var

EpicGamer007 (1752)

I have a question, does kaboom support es6 modules? I don't want my data leaked and I feel modules would be much more organized...

slmjkdbtl (54)

@EpicGamer007 you mean can you import kaboom as an es6 module? right now kaboom is developed as a single js file without any build system bloat, only exporting a kaboom to window unless you call kaboom.import(), but yeah supporting es6 would be nice, i was thinking if i can just release it as a pure es6 package, my main thing is just don't want to introduce any build system just yet

NotMrMan (119)

@slmjkdbtl I made a project and it was running slow, so I checked task manager.

Apparently, with 5 tabs open (which was at 3gb ram before), when I ran my project it spiked to 9gb, and I have 12gb.
After loading the audio first, it seems to have reduced it, but the tab still uses around 500mb-1gb on it's own.

It uses so much memory, that the replit editor crashes entirely (when running it inside the project).

Is there a way you could optimize kaboom.js?

sad computer:

slmjkdbtl (54)

@NotMrMan sorry to hear that, have you benchmarked other types of projects on replit? kaboom lib itself should be pretty lightweight 🤔 on my machine a kaboom repl tab uses 70mb on chrome

NotMrMan (119)

@slmjkdbtl it could be the audio
it's a music player, and the repl is 40mb
i'll try another one

NotMrMan (119)

@slmjkdbtl I think that my browser is the issue.
i had a single piece of text that was still using 500mb

slmjkdbtl (54)

@NotMrMan a piece of text in a kaboom repl? very weird indeed, have you tried restarting the browser?

NotMrMan (119)

@slmjkdbtl i just fully refreshed my browser data (basically factory reset it) and it's still using 500mb

slmjkdbtl (54)

@NotMrMan just sent an edit request on that repl, forking it and running it myself takes ~90mb, want to see if it goes up if i'm actually in that repl

NotMrMan (119)

@slmjkdbtl sorry, didn't show the notification
i accepted the request

JuanSebastinS33 (0)

hola me puedes decir como programar un chat para una web simpple ??? graciasss

EpicGamer007 (1752)

pog, the new ui looks really good in my opinion.

slmjkdbtl (54)

@EpicGamer007 thanks! oh and we're planning a small kaboom game jam some time next week / month (mainly for feedbacks, bug spotting etc.) hope you can join when you got time

IntellectualGuy (851)

😮😮😮😮😮😮 Sounds Nice