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katyadee (1273)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.



I have a solutions for getting lots of votes
1: create an account
2: post a game
3: look at how many votes and cry

4: Wait 1 month
5: Celebrate

This actually happened for some people.


2 more months until summer vacation! ( Average that is )


I used to be Youloob but I deleted my account to get a new username.

WolfAarmauLover (1)

Hi I am Wolf (that's my nickname for my username) I mainly use Python and Python with Turtle. What brought me here was school work from my coding class and I honestly don't use it for much other that sorry. But I enjoy coding on here a lot bc it gives me a break from life and I know we all need that once in a while I have a stressful life balancing school and life in general. Thank you for listening to my rants about life. Goodbye.

That is my oc Lavender she is my main roleplay character



TestOP (12)

I’ve been on repl.it for 6 months I think, but just saw post. I’m a experienced in python and I am currently working on getting better at Java. I kwow a little Java script and html. I also like answering questions

AbhijayMedida (1)

Hi my name is Srikar! I know chess & variant chess! Nice meeting you!

zhouyongtao (0)

Hey fella I'm from China. I'm just 13 and I am learning Python. This website is super cool! The AI class in our school brought me here. But I have learned C++ for several years. Bye

ShaheenUmair (3)

Name: Umair Shaheen
Where I'm from: California (i don't want to share city or county due to privacy reasons
What Program I'm in: Python Club at my school
What Brought Me Here: My friends recommended me to use/test my coding skills here, so here I am on https://Replit.com! I am so happy to be here with amazing and respectful friends!

ChopSueyMaster (3)

Hey, Just found replit and couldnt believe my luck man.... this is the happiest day of my life just because I can work with the largest apps anywhere. Thanks Amjad Masad for this blessing. (ig he is the CEO and founder?)

OldWizard209 (1104)

hey, welcome to replit.

Thanks Amjad Masad for this blessing.

So true @ChopSueyMaster

anonymousLPH (0)

My name is luiz, i am a self-taught person and i am still very bad at programming, but i have a lot of ambition and i hope to learn a lot here with all of you guys. I'm learning PHP

Br0dy0h8 (0)

Hi. I’m new. I don’t know how to code.

OldWizard209 (1104)

dw, replit is probably th best place to learn coding.
Here are a few places you can learn coding from:

Br0dy0h8 (0)

@OldWizard209 thanks! The people here are very nice.


Lines of code are complecated and they do at least one measly thing. Like my Hi! I'm Qwerty! Code. So weird. When you're done coding a game like Minecraft, you'd probably be seeing spots.

LoveMe1 (0)

Hello everyone I'm Tiffany Love no not my real last name but I will one day change it legally. Ive been dipping into coding for a year now still lot to learn but I love it! I'm like a sexy geek!❤️😍

sadhanashar (0)

hello everyone, I have just started learning DS algorithms, wish me luck.

MarthaConnors (0)

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Moonlight314 (1)

hey peeps. im a big noob at coding. i am starting to learn python and scratch. THE END

jemisonGAMEDEV (0)

@Moonlight314 Good luck to you, and welcome to the site!

XanthusPettitt (6)

so uh my name is xanthus, I am currently coding in python but I am learning how to use html. the reason im here is bc of school but im staying bc I like to code especially calculators

SarwanAhmed49 (0)

Hello, I am Sarwan Ahmed a Final Year Software Engineering Student from SEECS, NUST, interested in Machine Learning and Data Analysis.

louismonteiropt (1)

Hi everyone! I'm an old school(?)(2008) PHP developer that is looking for career improvement and is learning frontend tools and typescript.
During the learning process found this community and I'm very excited to be part of it.
Feel free to message me no matter what!

Talk soon.

jemisonGAMEDEV (0)

@louismonteiropt Good luck to you, and welcome to the site! Anytime you wanna chat, feel free to!

WajdanAhmad (0)

hello my name is wajdan and am from canada

AnasHf (0)

Glad To join your community ;)