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katyadee (1273)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


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Ozancanlayr (155)

Hello I’m from Turkiye and I’m a lazy coder without any knowledge! Greetings to all lazy people.

gatorade322 (111)

@Thinkdogeys hmm, how can you cdoe without any knoledge?

HimanshuShekha4 (50)

@Ozancanlayr Hey there I am also lazy but not Knowledgeless

coder19898 (2)

@Ozancanlayr hey i'm lazy too but i know how to code

srsly (30)

@Ozancanlayr I’m lazy too but I have some python knowledge ...

kardelenozr (1)

@Ozancanlayr hello Ozan, I'm glad to meet you.I'm lazy coder like you.

albane3012 (2)

yo i'm in class and i don't understand a shit of what i am doing @Ozancanlayr

RevolutionRadio (3)

@Ozancanlayr "You and I are not so different"

brivera2511 (2)

@Ozancanlayr hellooo lazy personn!!i am also lazy and just starting :)

ChaitanyaGaur (0)

@gatorade322 youtube uhh if you can't understand then you have to like learn some of it, well your spell is not that much correct ;-;

cherumanoj05 (0)

@Ozancanlayr hii dude same her haha lol

Lockk (8)

im still really bad at coding :/

TaibaAli10 (0)

hello fellow lazy coder xD @Ozancanlayr

AarushSsid (0)

@Ozancanlayr Hello fellow lazy person.

Lockk (8)

@Abasolos9910 well idk which language do i learn

RowanFromBJC (46)

@Ozancanlayr im lazy but with knowledge about html css js node.js python and bash

rachelflahault (6)

hiii ur fellow lAzY girl herreee

Vanton (0)

I am same but not from Terkiye

Tulip9000 (0)

@Ozancanlayr Merhaba! I'm a lazy coder too

Dogky (2)

@kardelenozr hi or shoud i say high

Dogky (2)

@AvuzwaNtshongwa did you have breafast or shoud I say beafish

rinaldipratama (0)

@Ozancanlayr me too! even Bill Gates like the lazy person haha.

falcon21 (5)

@Ozancanlayr I'm almost the opposite of u lol

goombagwa2 (1)

@gatorade322 well were here to learn, arent we?

YogiD (1)

@gatorade322 - Ha! Ha! That was a good one, @Thinkdogeys. I got to say it, I almost fell out rollin' with your comment/question.

CreativeDrone (0)

because when you look at projects in the community, you learn from them, also I thing they may be jiust learning code, that's why they are new here??

BadGirl913 (9)

I dont even know what to say to [email protected]

BadGirl913 (9)

A wise person once said "There are alot of people in the world.. but there is only ONE person who is just like YOU"@Ozancanlayr

MathyMuamba (1)

@Ozancanlayr hello fellow lazy persoon

duskky (0)

@Ozancanlayr hello im one of u ( a lazy person)

hamedbtw (0)

@Ozancanlayr hey we alr got smth in common


I can relate. Greeting to you too! @Ozancanlayr

WizardofOsborne (0)

@Ozancanlayr Greetings, fellow lazy person!

SudhanshuMishra (202)

@Ozancanlayr being lazy helps you grow your tummy body :)

EthanSmurf (0)

I am a lazy person, but lazily productive! @Ozancanlayr


@Lockk what language do you code with?

JorgeBoneu (2)

@HimanshuShekha4 Great! it should be great to be knowledgeless one day though

Aishphafiz (2)

@Ozancanlayr i am a fellow lazy person as well but decided i wanted to learn how to code.

TheC0derGirl (215)

@Ozancanlayr WELL THEY DO SAY


Lockk (8)

idk but im trying to use python [email protected]

ky9018 (0)

@Ozancanlayr hello fellow! i also do not have knowledge in coding at all xD

SashaDanda (0)

@albane3012 ThErE aRe ChIlDrEn HeRe :(