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HTTPS-ready custom domains for websites & servers
amasad (3353)

We released web hosting back in March and since then you, our dear replers, have deployed 250,000 websites that served outside traffic. Some of those websites were games that went viral, apps that gained a lot of users, and APIs that served lots of traffic.

Although Repl.it gives you unlimited free repl.co domains, custom domains is something every business or respectable project requires. That's why today we're excited to announce free HTTPS-ready custom domains just a few clicks away.

In less 30 seconds I was able to link my 10print.art domain to my Commodore 64 maze simulator built on Repl.it.


This has been in beta for a couple of days and we've already seen lots of fun apps getting domains:

If you add /__repl to the domain you'll be able to get to the repl powering the site!

With this, anyone with minimal programming knowledge can build and deploy websites: no git, cli, or any other complications are required -- just code and ship!

Start here and select HTML for static sites or your favorite language or framework for a server/fullstack app.


I do have a webpage but it has been stuck on "linking" for around 40 minutes.

TSelden (14)

I keep pressing the link button and it will load for a few seconds before saying link again.

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

I linked it successfully, but when I went to my domain, it just said run your repl to see the output. How can I fix?

amasad (3353)

@AgastyaSandhuja hey! What's the link to your repl? Generally speaking that means you didn't link it correctly.

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

@amasad repl.it/@agastyasandhuja/adb-website

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

@amasad you were right-- I forgot to press link when done.

EclipseEevee (1)

@AgastyaSandhuja @amasad yo, i got the same error. How do i link it? sorry im new to websites..

coderash (286)

I used it for https://asherfalcon.co.uk and me and my mate used it for https://jalcon.co.uk, check them out, we've spent ages on them!

XavierDD (90)

Sorry 😬, but does that mean that it's one free domain?

amasad (3353)

@XavierDD although we might do that, what it actually means is that custom domains is free. I'm just going to remove the word since it's confusing.

kaldisberzins (344)

"Most favorite multiplayer game", eh? It was actually stupidly easy to link a domain. I had no idea what I was doing I just saw the button and decided to have a look. Thanks for the awesome feature!

jajoosam (881)

Woah, this is super cool - and so fast ⚡

I'm going to use it for all the new https://4ty2.fun projects 😛

jajoosam (881)

@amasad Getting the error Could not query DNS when I'm trying to point https://repl.it/@jajoosam/mathecarlo to my domain http://mc.4ty2.fun

Can you please help me out? 🤞

amasad (3353)

@jajoosam yes, will get @turbio on it in the next few hours to figure it out. Sorry about that.

turbio (63)

hey @jajoosam, looks like there was a domain linking bug on our side. It should be all fixed now.

jajoosam (881)

@turbio Still getting an error - We expected just one record but found 2.

jajoosam (881)

@amasad @turbio still getting errors 😕

Can you please fix this?

turbio (63)

hey @jajoosam, sorry about, we're still working out some bugs with domain linking. It should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting bugs, its been super helpful.

Fhillis (32)

One thing I do want is having namespaces go to different repl.its, for example tester.plat.ml takes you to the experimental components that are hosted in a different repl.it (I'm sure there's a way, but I couldn't find it)

amasad (3353)

@turbio can you answer this please?

turbio (63)

@Fhillis yeah, you absolutely can. Enter the full domain (including the subdomain) and when you add the CNAME DNS record, make sure the host field is your subdomain instead of "@".

Fhillis (32)

@turbio thanks so much, I'll give it a go!

EDIT 3 minutes later
got it to work at https://chat.plat.ml/

amasad (3353)

In-depth tutorial for linking domains coming soon. For now the UI should tool what to do if you know how to use DNS.