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After a long wait, we’re finally ready to announce the winners of our inaugural Repl.it Game Jam!

Without further adieu… the winner of 1BTC—which as of Monday, April 29th, 2019, is valued at 5,158.14 U.S. dollars—is ... 🥁🥁🥁🥁

@ggzor and @MarisolH’s SceneMachine!

SceneMachine is a 2D physics game made with SVG graphics. The goal is to find out what happened to planet New Sphene’s colors (and eventually restore them).

What the judges liked most about SceneMachine:

  • Creative storyline
  • Easy, fun, and elaborate game play
  • Clean, polished UI
  • Clear instructions

Here are our runner ups…

Best Individual Game: CryptoStory:Isekai, Action Adventure game using Phaser CE

Best Group Game: Zanderian Prince Simulator 2020

Best Storyline: Type

Best Graphics: The Price of Adventure

Most Community Votes: The Fishing Game

Winners will be notified via email with more info on their prizes. 😊

Check out our full game gallery here.

Special thank you to Satoshi's Treasure for sponsoring the game jam. We wouldn't have been able to give out such a generous prize package without them!


Congrats winners! Those are some awesome games you guys made.


Oh wow. I missed most of these posts... they definitely deserved to win. :)

Congratulations guys and gals. (Or sentient robots if you're like me)


Congrats to the winners! I'm very happy that my game got there. I've seen pretty creative games, see you all next time.


@CarlosAlbertoAlberto Your game was awesome!


Congratulations to the winners!


gg to winners (no, I'm not salty. don't even think that)


@theangryepicbanana I tried your game because you left that comment, it's really nice but it's too short and it's even more of a proof of concept than my game. I think it's a really nice idea though! If I was you, I'd add some enemies that swap between the Switches.


@liltaco which game? Switch? that is a game from an older competition. the game that I entered for this one is called Collapsed (https://repl.it/talk/challenge/Collapsed/13410). thanks tho


@theangryepicbanana Oops, didn't see that! Don't worry, collapsed is cool too!


... I'm shocked! This is incredible. :O Thanks a lot to the repl.it team! And thanks to all the participants! You've made really, really amazing games. I had a lot of fun playing your games!


@ggzor Thank YOU!


Congrats to the winners!


All these games are super cool!


Aw yay! I'm excited to find out what my prize is!


@AmeliaBlackwell You'll get an email today!


@katyadee ahhh!! This is making me so excited!! also, about your earlier email, is there a time I should get back to you by? I'm pretty busy with school work but I will try and reply asap!!


@AmeliaBlackwell By Thursday, if possible!


@katyadee okay, great!


@AmeliaBlackwell What was the prize for the community vote anyway?


@Mavrick They asked my shipping address. It hasn't arrived yet but they asked for shirt size so I guess a t-shirt is included - they said that it wasn't just that though.


@AmeliaBlackwell Nice. Well, it sounds like it'll be cool, even if it's not a bitcoin lol.


@Mavrick yep i'm excited!


well done yall


OMG! You guys are cool!


@HQuan I think the whole community here is pretty cool :)


This was super fun, are there plans for more?


congratulations winners!!!
i'm sad cause i didn't win. ಥ
any ways good job to all of you who participated. (⌐■
and of course to the ones that hosted this game jam.
please start another talk like this cause this was awesome.
thanks to the ones that voted my game tic tac toe with bots.
thats all
i know thats a lot of reading. srry bout that


@kamalhasan We definitely will!


Congratulations to all the winners! I played many games, including 3 of the winning titles. Guess, I'll try the remaining 3 as well!
It was a nice jam, my first one too!
I feel a little sad, some mixed feeling, yet a bit encouraged to keep on keeping on. In fact I even posted it on itch.io recently and will probably continue it (and hopefully someone will play it someday😅)!
Wish everyone good luck as well!
And thanks to team repl.it for hosting this game jam! Look forward to the next jam!!!


Congratulations to the winners - even the runners' up game's look amazing! :)


why???? these games are so good and even my best (unfinished) seems like a joke beside those :( i have a sad life just look at my post :( :( :( i need Brawl Stars to help my misery :( the repl team did an awesome job on the game jam though :) congrats to you guys and all the winners im totally not salty


@TommyIsAwesome According to your profile you are 13 years old. Don't worry this can be just the start of your journey. See it as a gain in experience. A lot of people have put a lot of effort in this game jam but you shouldn't head for the win. Head for the fun and the experience you can get from it.


@Praind thanks man I really appreciate your comment. I usually code for fun and I really like how I get an error, go to stackoverflow, fix it, and get satisfaction. It is really satisfying to see a program run correctly and coding generally idk why. I only did this because of the draw of 1 BTC and I need to get her attention very very very badly lol



why???? these games are so good and even my best (unfinished) seems like a joke beside those :( i have a sad life just look at my post :( :( :( i need Brawl Stars to help my misery
thats kind of being salty no offense


Congrats guys


Congratulations to the winners! Make sure to give your games a future!


Can't say I'm NOT disappointed at finishing runner-up (I was part of the Zanderian Prince Simulator 2020 team) but have to hand it to @ggzor, he killed it.


@TrifectaIII I loved Zanderian Prince Simulator. @turbio and I were blown away playing it late at night at how crazy the concept was, and yet how creative the execution was. Massive props to your team!


@timmy_i_chen Thanks man :)


Congrats winners! Those games are really good. 👏🏻👏🏻


What about my game !! ha ?!!
Dear moderators ... You didn't even look at my second game !!
Isn't that better than some games of these winners !!!!

My Second Game:

I spent too much TIME for it's developments.
I didn't even SLEEP at night (in the last night of challenge)...
I didn't use any external library/framework.
But you didn't accept my game :'(

These results are NEVER fair to me !!!!!!


@smrsan761 Hey! I know you're disappointed, but we did look at every game. :-( this won't be our last game jam


@katyadee Excuse me ... I just wanted to make you pay attention to my comments and put my 2nd game into the gallery (not as a winner, but as one of the top ones)!

My comment was just like a simple role playing (LOL)

Thanks for your best support
Have a good day ;-)


@smrsan761 LOL. Okay. I just want you to know that every game was played & considered.


@smrsan761 with all due respect, this is how any true competition works. In the very end, practically everyone is trying their very best, and so for very many people, hard work isn't enough, no matter how much time was put into this. I really did like your game though, and I hope you continue to work hard. I'll be rooting for ya!


Steve Harvey: There's been a mistake...


Congrats. Slightly disappointed but happy for you guys.


@WilliamF This is just our FIRST game jam. Don't worry :)


@katyadee Wait..... so there is going to be another one?


wow now i have games to play for days




@mz14128915 cool, huh?


I'm a bit salty since I though it had to be money based


@WilliamF The theme was a suggestion. Sorry if that wasn't clear :(


this is all undeserved, i should have easily won this!


Congratuts to the winners, these are some great looking games! Maybe I will get further next time with a better idea and more time to develop :)
Thanks to the repl.it team for making this awesome game jam!


These games are amazing!


@Pythonier I agree! I had so much fun playing them.


Seriously impressed by all of the winners, and I'm really happy to have my own game on the gallery as well! Big F that my game's "thumbnail" is just a screenshot of the repl loading screen and some of the code. Still really happy that I was given the drive to create "Duel Snakes."

Nonetheless, I loved the experience of participating, and I really hope I get to do this again sometime. A huge congrats to the winners! I'll aim for the top on the next one!