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Feedback for git support + the new GitHub integration
replitjeremy (93)

Hi All!
Git support + the new integration with GitHub is in the process of rolling out!
When the feature is enabled for you, we'd love to hear how we could improve, and what additions you'd like to see.

feedback so far:

from @mat1:
"is there a way to create a .gitignore file? I tried making one but nothing happens when I press enter."

We're working on supporting this soon!

from @Vandesm14:
"Is this live? I don't see the git sidebar. Is this an explorer-only feature?"

We're currently in the process of rolling the feature out to everyone. Some users have it enabled currently.

jeanenchanted (27)

It would be nice if I could unsync my repl to github. I used someone else's repo, and now I want to use my own repo.

jgrizou (2)

+1 to enhance share-ability of project as now they seem tied on to the initial repo even when forking a repli.it

CollinBrennan (28)

My Repl won't commit anymore. Every time I try, the page reloads and it didn't push. The commit also doesn't show up on my GitHub project.

Volectric (5)

@CollinBrennan I am having the same issue. It says my repl is up to date with the master branch, but it still shows the files I modified and doesn't commit to github.

mfeiden (2)

Ditto. Correctly identifies files with changes, but incorrectly states branch is up to date (all commit/push attempts fail). Tried creating a new branch as a workaround, but that functionality appears dead as well. ?!?

CollinBrennan (28)

If a dev could chime in that would be great.

replitjeremy (93)

I'll be taking a look this week. @CollinBrennan can you link your repl where this is happening? If the url is sensitive then please send it to [jeremy at repl . it]

RolandJLevy (1092)

Hi @CollinBrennan, I'm having the same issue with one of my repos. Do you know if this has been fixed? Thanks, Roland

RolandJLevy (1092)

Hi @replitjeremy, thanks for looking into this issue. I am having the same problem. I emailed you my repl today - thanks, Roland

RolandJLevy (1092)


@replitjeremy kindly emailed me with the following solution:

This issue occurs when git is exited in the middle of doing some action. It creates an index.lock file in the .git folder of your project that prevents future commits.

Can you try opening the shell (cmd/ctrl + "." -> type "shell" ) and running rm .git/index.lock? I'm having trouble tracking down exactly what causes this. Have any of the following things possibly occurred?

  1. working with someone on this repl via multiplayer and trying to simultaneously commit
  2. closing the repl while a git action was still loading (the sidebar would be greyed out at that time)
  3. being forced to reconnect by us while using git (the editor will reload and show "offline" briefly, and then a reconnect message will appear)
MichaelMellinge (2)

Not working for me on my repo either. I have been working on an iPad.

replitjeremy (93)

@MichaelMellinge What specifically isn't working, can you link to the repo you're having issues with?

MichaelMellinge (2)

my commit isn’t working for my Julia project @replitjeremy


I type in a message then click the “Commit and Push” button and it silently fails. I’ve got 9 files locally that need to be committed.

RandomNoob1 (9)

@rjlevy I tried out what you say but the system just responds with no such file or directory, do you know why is that?

RolandJLevy (1092)

Hi @RandomNoob1, I'm not an expert on git but I think I read somewhere that git merge origin could fix the problem. Maybe try that?

nolanrc (1)

Same issue here. Above previous commits, it just says "up to date with loading...". The rm ./gitindex.lock comment did not work for me either.

hwarhurst (3)

Thanks for this workaround @replitjeremy but can we please have a more permanent solution built in to repl.it? It feels weird that such a major bug with the repl.it git functionality hasn't been fixed yet

MichaelCooper (1)

@CollinBrennan some issue here. I can commit the repl the first time but cannot commit any changes. When I press 'commit & push' it greys out for a few seconds like it is working, comes back, but nothing has been pushed to github. No record of the push happening at all on repl or github

IMightBeMe (33)

Same for me. It was fine until now. @CollinBrennan

PilarVsquez (7)

My commits aren't showing up in my profile because the metadata doesn't contain my email anymore. I can see them on my repositories but I don't have any activity in my profile because it's like I'm not the one making it because the emails don't match. I'm the only contributor, so I would like to have the commits on my profile.

itzkiettttt (6)

@PilarVsquez same, did you find a solution yet?

ShishirJha (0)

@PilarVsquez I am having the same issue.

PilarVsquez (7)

@itzkiettttt Yes... I changed to a VPN.

itzkiettttt (6)

@PilarVsquez I tried using a VPN just now and it still doesn't work. Any other suggestions or things you did?

PilarVsquez (7)

@itzkiettttt What didn't work for you? I moved everything to the server and I transfer the files via FTP, and I push commits locally.

itzkiettttt (6)

@PilarVsquez Whenever i commit and push using the Version Control tab, it doesnt include my email and stuff and therefore the commits dont show up on my profile. The repo does change and a commit does go through but it just doesnt go through in my name/profile

PilarVsquez (7)

@itzkiettttt Oh okay, what I meant is that I'm not using Replit at all anymore, because of this and more issues. I found a solution though but it's a bit annoying to do everytime. I push the commit, and then I type git commit --amend --author "github username <email>" in the console. After that, I refresh and push again, you get two commits but at least one is yours and can show up on your profile. It got annoying pretty soon so I just moved my stuff outside of Replit.

itzkiettttt (6)

@PilarVsquez ahh i see, i'll try that. i found another way where i just download it as a ZIP and just use VScode to commit and push it. Works fine but just takes longer. The only reason im using replit is because it allows me and my buddies to work on the same thing more easily. Thanks!

PilarVsquez (7)

@itzkiettttt good luck! that one was annoying and added an extra unnecessary commit but it worked for me

DanielBenedictB (0)

@PilarVsquez what I did was set up my gitconfig manually, then commit and push with username and password via git. GitHub recognized it as my contribution. Hope this helps.

KifoPL (6)

Thanks for leaking my e-mail address to other team members!
I was working on discord bot with other users, and under commit
there is my PRIVATE e-mail address! I've had my repl.it account via Github, where my e-mail address was set to private. It was supposed to use [email protected], not my e-mail I use to login to github. Now there are 3 strangers with enough info to doxx me.

Jenrykster (4)

.gitignore not working

fosox88966 (26)

Hi please

  • add option to change github repo. For example i cloned some public opensource project, improved it and i want to commit and push it to my github repo.
  • Add support for Gitlab repos
  • Add support for .gitignore file

The pull button is invisible until you stretch out the sidebar

mamamia5x (83)

Hide emails in version control

Franky1 (7)

I would like to see also GitLab supported, since i use it a lot more for my private repos.

OVisram (5)

When I delete a branch on GitHub, the branch still stays on Repl.

BD103 (139)

Whenever you delete a branch on github, it still shows up on the Repl sidebar.

OVisram (5)

@BD103 I have the exact same problem! It is bugging me because all the branches then create a long list.

willReadyhough (0)

Just wanted to update and say that this is still a problem

Mythify (7)

I can only create repositories through my friends accounts for some reason

pavi2410 (36)

@Mythify Can't push to github for the same reason :(

matthewrkitson (5)

I'd like to second the request to be able to choose username and email address used for commits.

In particular, if you've got "don't share my email address" selected as an option in your github repository, repl.it can't push any changes (as they're attributed to your private github email address).

BenjiCS (1)

I cant commit or pull from my repo now I did commit and pull in the first 15 days after that it did not work
Pls fix

RHDevs (2)

repl says its 3 commits ahead but theres no changed files. Can no longer push or pull from github

RHDevs (2)

@RHDevs Following errors in console when attempted to commit & push

mat1 (4456)

Wow very epic, bee man.

MatthewDoan1 (333)

@mat1 Yup, somebody's been playing Minecraft snapshots.

mat1 (4456)

@MatthewDoan1 Yes, Minecraft invented bees.

HackermonDev (2074)

@mat1 "No, they didn't" r/whoosh

elorenn (2)

I merged a branch in GitHub and now my project in Repl is "4 commits behind master" (as expected) however, the orange "pull" button has not appeared. How can I fix this?

blueridger (0)


I didn't see the pull button either, but I dragged the right side of the menu pane to expand it, and it was there, just hidden because the menu pane was small. This could definitely be improved.

haha0201 (12)

Add an ability for people to disconnect a repl from a github
Also forking a repl shouldn't keep the github connection

CharlieHodgkin1 (2)

In the editor could you highlight which lines have been changed since the last commit?

PaoloAmoroso (191)

@replitjeremy I've played a bit with the new version control features and they're so cool and well designed my grin doesn't want to go away. Here are some initial impressions and suggestions.

I'd prefer Repl.it to optionally not access any organizations and related repos I'm a member of but I don't own. And I'd like to pick which email address to use for commits among the ones registered with GitHub.

When creating a repo it would be useful for Repl.it to optionally add a well stuffed, language-sepcific .gitignore and README.md file (like GitHub offers at repo creation), as well as a LICENSE file with the default Repl.it license (MIT, if I recall correctly).

When the REPL detects changes to the source files and the repo origin is Repl.it, there's a Commit & Push button in the commit dialog. Maybe I'm not too familiar with the Git/GitHub jargon and the way these tools work, but I'd expect the action to also synchronize (push?) the local Repl.it changes with the remote GitHub repo. Instead I have to switch the origin to GitHub and click Push in the commit dialog.

This is a minor source of confusion though and, once clarified, it's no longer an issue.

replitjeremy (93)

Hey @PaoloAmoroso, thanks for all the great feedback!

I'll try to break it all down and address it here:
1. Repl.it accessing orgs/non-owned repos

We'll only ever access repositories that you connect to on Repl.it, and will never do anything related to GitHub data without an explicit action on your side. Also, if you don't own or have push access to a repo, we won't have permission to let you edit that code from Repl.it either :)
pick an email address to use with GitHub
We are planning to support this!
.gitignore, README.md, and a LICENSE file
we'll be adding support for hidden files soon, which will allow us to give the option to auto-include a .gitignore
currently working on a checkbox to add a README when you connect to GitHub
great call on the license file, I'll look into that
confusion about pushing locally vs. to GitHub
We're removing the dropdown, so that once you connect to GitHub, any push will go there as well without requiring extra user action.

PaoloAmoroso (191)

@replitjeremy Thanks for the clarifications and updates, here are some additional thoughts.

I misunderstood the required access permissions when connecting my GitHub account. Now it makes sense.

Removing the dropdown should indeed streamline and clarify the workflow.

PaoloAmoroso (191)

@replitjeremy The dropdown is gone from my Repl.it test REPL, now there's a Connect to GitHub button. After clicking it I click Create GitHub repository and get the error Unable to create a GitHub repository Let us know if there is an issue. The GitHub repo I initially created from Repl.it is still on GitHub.

replitjeremy (93)

@PaoloAmoroso Are you trying to create a repository with the same name of an existing one on GitHub? The GitHub API prevents us from doing that.

If you'd like to create a new repl that links to an existing GitHub Repo, add the github URL as a part of the 'new repl' form.

PaoloAmoroso (191)

@replitjeremy I actually did nothing special after setting up a fresh REPL to test Repl.it's new version control features.

I created a fresh REPL, went through the Repl.it version control set up flow to give Repl.it access to my GitHub account and create the repo there, and did a few commits. When I came back to the REPL after you said you were going to remove the Repl.it/GitHub dropdown, the dropdown was indeed gone and clicking the option to connect to GitHub issued the error I mentioned earlier.

ultimateOP (2)

why is my terminal notworking properly

HackermonDev (2074)

It isn't working for me when trying with a typescript repo

replitjeremy (93)

@PDanielY oof, we don't support git in typescript right now :(. I'll remove the button from the sidebar. Thanks for reporting!

mebird (2)

@replitjeremy Any plans to support TS? I'd love to have a copy of my code on git w/out manually porting it over, but I don't know if that's possible.

replitjeremy (93)

hey @mebird, we plan on adding git for all of our supported languages eventually, but it may take a while to get there. I'll make a note that people are especially interested in TS!

PaoloAmoroso (191)

@replitjeremy a current issue is the inability of omitting an .env file from commits.

replitjeremy (93)

This will be fixed soon! I'll update here when it's out for everyone.

replitjeremy (93)

@PaoloAmoroso Apologies this took so long, should be fixed! I just verified with a 'C' repl

MarijnKneppers (9)

@replitjeremy Can you please add support for the .gitignore?

replitjeremy (93)

hi, @MarijnKneppers. .gitignore files are currently supported! Did you experience an issue when using one?

MarijnKneppers (9)

@replitjeremy Yes. I am not able to ignore folders. I work with two versions of a discord bot. one developer version and one real. I use JSON for databases so I can not ignore all files by hand because there are files added every now and then.

replitjeremy (93)

@MarijnKneppers can you share a link to your repl?

Kinrany (1)

I'd like to diff between the worktree and the latest commit.

krish03071 (1)

Would it be possible to control in which set of files to committed, rather than every file that was changed to be committed?


It would be better to add a graphical diff feature, since everytime when I want to show diff, I have to type git diff in the shell tab.

Grify (169)

Unlink from repo and link to another

raw (5)

Is there a way to sync with an existing repo rather than only being able to create a new one?

raw (5)

Lol, nevermind. Just realized you can import an existing repo from the New Repl screen.

hayaodeh (199)

@raw where did you expect to find it?