Introducing Kaboom Workspace
slmjkdbtl (54)

We've been wanting to build a game making environment on replit that empowers game creators but also allows beginners get into programming in a fun and frictionless way, this is what we're working on right now, a special workspace that's geared towards easy gamedev, Kaboom Workspace!


  • kaboom flavored asset manager for all your scenes, sprites and sounds

  • a sprite editor that allows you to make sprites directly in the workspace, and use it directly in your games

  • handy debug tools that helps you get a grasp on game states

You'll code in kaboom.js, which is a simple game programming library.

here's a quick video guide to demo some of the features:

For code example, checkout the flappymark repl linked to this talk. This is still in active development and the first public release, more docs, guides and examples are on the way. Will appreciate any feedbacks and bug report!

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slmjkdbtl (54)

@EpicGamer007 you mean can you import kaboom as an es6 module? right now kaboom is developed as a single js file without any build system bloat, only exporting a kaboom to window unless you call kaboom.import(), but yeah supporting es6 would be nice, i was thinking if i can just release it as a pure es6 package, my main thing is just don't want to introduce any build system just yet