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KaBoom.js Alpha Release!!!
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has Hacker Plan

UPDATE: Kaboom.js is officially out right now:


Video game, beautiful thing, so much fun. Games should be fun of course, but game making itself should also be fun, it should be a game on its own! We here at replit are imagining a fun collaberative game programming environment that makes game programming fun again, and here's our first step: KaBoom.js, a JavaScript game library that enables everyone to start making a small game from scratch in an instant!

This is a community alpha release, features and docs are not fully stable yet, we really want to hear everyone's opinions, any suggestions or bug reports please comment below!

try out in the template repl

let's start making that game!

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That won't because the function cannot keep a reference to a number type, timeBetweenSpawn will only get evaluated once at start, if you want to do this you'll have to use recursive wait like

function spawn() { spawnEnemy(); wait(timeBetweenSpawn, spawn); } spawn();

this is also more flexible cuz you easily decide to stop the timer loop (not call the next wait), with loop there's no way to stop the loop yet (there will be shortly)