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The Replit community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making it a fun and cool space for both aspiring and experienced programmers. To that end, we need to lay down some ground rules.

  • General Rules
  • Share Section
  • Ask Section
  • Tutorial Section
  • Templates Sections
  • Extra Information

General Rules

Don't plagiarize

Don't pretend you made something you didn't make. When people find out, they'll lose respect for your work. Instead, if you forked someone's repl or based your code off an existing project, then give credit to the original author.

Here's the section from Replit's ToS on plagiarism:

We respect the intellectual property rights of others. It is our policy to respond to any claim that User Content posted on the Service infringes on the copyright or other intellectual property rights ("Infringement") of any person or entity.

This means at the very least we'll take down plagiarized posts and repls, and if this persists we will take action against the user.

You can learn more about plagiarism here.

Replit ToS

You are required to follow all of Replit's Terms of Service. This includes promoting no illegal activity, even unintentionally. We also disallow sharing proxies and similar stuff for the same reason.

Be friendly

Be kind to your fellow replers. Never insult people or their work. We have zero-tolerance towards bullying.

Keep it SFW

Keep it clean, or SFW (safe for work). If you wouldn't show it to a 10-year-old or your grandma, don't post it. This includes swearing.

Zero tolerance for hate speech

Any abusive or threatening writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially based on race, religion, or sexual orientation, will result in an immediate ban.

No controversial posts

We have people from all around the world with their own different opinions on different subjects. Therefore, we ask you to not discuss anything that can give rise to heated arguments such as politics or religion.

Don't advertise

Don't make posts or comments advertising non-programming creations or sites.

Don't farm cycles

Do not make alternate accounts to upvote your own posts or comments. Do not ask people to upvote your comments or posts or ask people to mark your answer as the right one. Replit ensures all this is clearly visible and even people who are new to the platform know it right away. If you do so, you are only annoying the other person so don't do it.

Don't mass upvote people's posts or comments

Do not upvote every comment or post on a person's profile for the sole purpose of giving them more cycles.

Other languages

We have recently decided to allow people to post in all languages starting now, you can create a post in any language you prefer. We currently do not have moderators for all languages, therefore, if we receive a report about your post for some other reason, you will be definitely warned or even banned right away.


If you are found to be underage, you will be banned. However, if you show some sort of parental consent to [email protected] or [email protected], you can be unbanned.

Therefore, if someone is under 13, they can still continue to use the services with parental consent and supervision.

Common sense

Common sense applies to all these rules. There are no "bending the rules". Don't try to find a flaw in the wording and use it to your advantage.

Share Section

An awesome feature of Replit is sharing your code with the community!

However, posts have to meet a certain standard, otherwise, they will be unlisted.

Posts are judged by moderators on a case to case basis, but there are some general guidelines:

  1. Have a proper description - tell us what your repl is about, why you made it, how we should interact with it, etc.

  2. Show a decent amount of quality - Low-quality repls will be unlisted. Since this is subjective, posts will be judged on a case-to-case basis.

  3. Be creative - don't post homework assignments, we want to see your creativity!

Trying to go through some of the hot/top posts of Replit to get a sense of what's accepted and what's not.

Ask Section

When asking a question, make sure to be descriptive, but also concise about your problem. Tell us where the error is, and also how you expect your repl to run. Linking your repl also helps a lot.

Make sure to also have a specific problem. Vague questions or questions that ask others to write code for them will be unlisted.

Example of a bad question:

My C++ code isn't working. When I run it, it shows an error. Please help.

Example of a good question:

My C++ code is producing an error in file lib.hpp and function parse(). When I run it, the exception invalid_argument is thrown. After some debugging, I think it has to do with me using stoi on line 47, but I'm not sure why. How can I fix this?

It is also important to be open to constructive criticism. If you're asking for help with your code, you should expect some level of critique.

This also goes for answering questions. Try to fully answer their problem or give critiques about their code, while also being respectful at the same time.

If the question author has forgotten to select your comment as the answer after acknowledging that it was the correct solution, you may remind them to press the checkmark. In any other situation, it is not acceptable to ask for your comment to be selected as the answer.

Tutorial Section

Want to help people learn? Here's the place for you! In this section, you can post tutorials on anything programming-related for the community to learn from!

However, make sure your tutorial covers a specific topic and is fairly descriptive in a readable and concise manner.

Providing code snippets along the way, or linking a repl can be extremely helpful as well. Images and screenshots can also work towards helping readers.

Try to think from the reader's point of view: What might be confusing or what questions might they have?

And be ready to provide support. Readers might ask questions or give you feedback. Engaging with your users is a great way to become a better writer.

Tutorials that are messy and do not present themselves in a proper format will be unlisted.

Here is an example of a good tutorial.

Templates section

Have some interesting code that you think other people might use? Made a useful function for interfacing with Replit's DB, or logging an object's state? The template section is for you!

Also note if it is good enough, we may also add it to our official templates which you can check out for what qualifies as a good template.

It is important to make sure that your template is actually a template. If you made a game, post it on share.

It also helps to provide a detailed description of your template, and how to customize it or use it.

Extra Information

If you've found a bug on the website, submit it using the "Get help" button on the sidebar. If you have some feedback for the website, submit it here.

If you want to report a user, or you believe you were unfairly warned/banned, submit an appeal at If you feel like the mods are still being unfair, feel free to E-Mail [email protected]

These rules are ever-evolving, and the last update to them was on May 11th, 2021.

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