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Developer Spotlights: The Return
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Developer Spotlights: The return!

Good morning/evening everyone! Hope you're having a nice day! Developer spotlights were one of our community's favorite events, so today, I am reviving them. Yes, the developer spotlights are officially back! And today, we're featuring 2 young developers who won our 9th CodeJam which was based on making apps for helping people deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. They are none other than @raghavm and @LehuyH. (Check out their portfolio website here!)

Keeping aside the formalities and introductions, here's our interview:

@raghavm and @LehuyH

@TheDrone7 : How about the two of you introduce yourselves?

@LehuyH : My name is Lehuy Hoang and I am currently a 9th grader and I have been into coding since elementary school thanks to things like Scratch. Also where I met @raghavm but we never worked together on anything until later. I also enjoy playing games like LoL and Minecraft 🙂.

@raghavm : Okay, so hey! I'm Raghav, a freshman at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, CA. I like to code, play Fortnite (judge me not), and then code more! I met Lehuy in 4th grade. 😄

@TheDrone7 : Nice! So would I be correct in assume you're both childhood friends?

@raghavm : Yep, I guess so.

@TheDrone7 : So, how did you two get into coding?

@LehuyH : I hinted at this earlier but one of the things that really got me into coding was Scratch. I remember that there was a local scratch class/event that was held weekly (?) that was run for free by one of the clubs in highschool at the time.

Not sure if they still do it anymore but it was a great experience

@raghavm : I honestly hated coding a lot, literally despised it. My dad tried getting me into Python, and from there I got more interested. Same as Lehuy, I found Scratch really fun and I guess it took off from there!

@TheDrone7 : So, scratch started your journey. I never thought Scratch could give life to some amazing coders like you. (Just Kidding)

So, how did the two of you find out about

@raghavm : Oh bet, I was too lazy to install Python. So I googled online python runner. It was great!

@LehuyH : I found about it from @raghavm.

@TheDrone7 : Ah, I see. Well, I know of one of your latest projects fortify. What other interesting projects have the two of you made?



Fortify is a self-care app on the web that promotes effective handwashing and activities that practices social distancing. Let's face it, a lot of us don't wash our hands enough or even correctly. It is important more than ever that we ALL make an effort to slow the spread of the virus, and one of the most easiest ways to do this it to make sure our hands are clean. With Fortify you can keep track of how and when you wash your hands anytime! Additionally, Fortify can help you practice social distancing by keeping track of your daily activities and awards points based on the progress.

@LehuyH : Well one project we made for Repl Actually was Coinages. This was for the GameJam and we had a blast with this one because of how sarcastic the game's direction was.

Looking back, it's clear at how much we have improved since lol.



Take control of a small business during the rise of the coin-flipping industry. You become the CEO of your own coin-flipping company, CoinAGES. Hire employees, automate machines and research new technologies to grow CoinAGES and monopolize the market. Buy out your competitors and make it to the top!

@raghavm : One of our better hackathon projects, would be It turned out really good actually, considering we only had 9 hours to make the app. The app was basically a more consumer-centric electronic health system. is an application to connect doctors and patients directly without the "middleman" created by the EHR (electronic health records) system. By informalizing the communication between doctors and patients, patients feel less pressurized to hide uncomfortable information from care providers. Additionally, provides a beautiful and intuitive interface to display data.

@TheDrone7 : OOH, can I get a link to this?

@raghavm : Yep pulling it rn. Wait I don't have this running, I'll send the GH link

@TheDrone7 : How did the idea about making these projects come to your mind?

@raghavm : We have a discord server with just us two. We use this for brainstorming, organizing our projects and thoughts, etc.
Basically dark theme!

@LehuyH : When coming up with ideas the first thing we do is literally spit out any ideas that come to mind. If there's something we like we keep it on a list. Then we run through them to see if it's 1. original 2. doable and 3. If we can actually get the idea to a working point.

Yeah and as raghavm said after we get an idea we just brainstorm what we need on a discord server.

Discord server

@TheDrone7 : Wow, that's a nice tactic. By the way, you made coinages for the game jam, and fortify for our 9th codejam, was also a codejam project?

@raghavm : No, in fact we have only done three replit jams, this code jam, music, and game jams

medically was for a local (IRL) hackathon.

@TheDrone7 : I see, do you mind if I ask what did you make for the music jam?

@LehuyH : is our attempt at making a rhythm game, unfortunately it looks like the jsonstore we used to store community levels is down. Check it out 🙂

@raghavm : You should still be able to play the default levels.

@TheDrone7 : Well, you said you started out with scratch (and python). But considering your latest project, you seem to know HTML/CSS/JS pretty well too, what other languages are you interested in?

@LehuyH : Well I have been checking out other languages like c# when I experimented with Unity.

@raghavm : Two years ago, I sort of phased away from Python, and went in to web dev and desktop app dev with C# (top-notch lang btw).

@TheDrone7 : What fields specifically are you thinking of mastering or find interesting under programming?

@LehuyH : I want to really mater web dev as I feel like it is really flexible. Another thing that interests me is video game development, that's always fun.

I want to master scratch

@raghavm : Mastering, web development for sure! I learned Typescript recently (also very very top-notch) and I hate JS now! With all the time on my hands, I decided to pick up Vue (React wasn't flowing well with me). I've loved it a lot. Something on my todo list as well, are F# (inspired by @theangryepicbanana) and Nuxt.JS.

@TheDrone7 : That's amazing! I myself use nuxt.js for most of my websites as well (can say that's top-notch too).

@raghavm : Alright, if I need help, I'll come to you!

(If you're ok with that lol)

@TheDrone7 : I'd be glad to help! Anyways, what can you say about your school life? What subjects are you interested in there? Are there other people like you two out there who're interested in programming and stuff?

@raghavm : Uhhh school life? Not sure what that is.

@LehuyH : I'm not taking any computer science classes this year but some of the subjects I like the most are Video Production and Biology.

@raghavm : I guess I like school more in social distancing because for some reason I've done better. As far as my epic hacker friends go, I have mostly backend devs and docker/k8s friends.

@LehuyH : And there's that one swift dev who half the time has no place on the team.

@raghavm : These are from my school yea, but we go to different high schools

Oh also, once us two were doing a hackathon. and my other friends were on a separate team. My friends on the other team got us Monster and KFC.

@TheDrone7 : I see, so there's a lot of people coding in your area. It's nice to see that so many young people are interested in making stuff and enjoy doing it.

@raghavm : Indeed, but it'll be hard to get into college with all them hacker competition.
Only joking lol.

@TheDrone7 : That's pretty nice actually. So, what are your plans for the future?

@LehuyH : I haven't thought about it too much yet, but I want to continue working with code. 🙂

@raghavm : As far as the future, I would like to maybe get a tech internship before college, mostly for experience. Other than that, I'd like to grow myself as a full-stack web dev and maybe explore non-coding fields some more.

You don't know what interests you till you find it.

@LehuyH : Wow, philosophical.

@TheDrone7 : So, any other final words of wisdom for the other young aspiring coders out there?

@raghavm : Stay in school kids!

Do what you like, I guess! Like stay focused on the academics cause that's really important. But still, do what you love.

@LehuyH : I'd say to find some people that you enjoy working with and try to create something fun or useful (or both XD)

Stick together as well as meet some new people.

@raghavm : Agreed.

@TheDrone7 : Well, thanks for that! It was nice talking to you. See ya later. 👋🏻

A little conclusion

If you have any suggestions for these, feel free to let me know via the comments. Since this was my first time doing this, I could use some feedback. And finally, if you want to be featured yourself in one of these, share awesome stuff on repl talk and keep an eye out for any e-mails or discord DMs!

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Very cool! Dev spotlights are great, glad they're back!

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100% agreed! @AlephZero

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Yee F# is so cool! Also Fortify was awesome :)

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@raghavm no problem :)

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@LehuyH @raghavm Great job on Fortify! It was interesting to read your interview! Good job, and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with later!

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@PYer Thanks so much!

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Thanks for the opportunity @TheDrone7! Was great!

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