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Developer Spotlight - P-AIR-OH!
TheDrone7 (1936)

Developer Spotlights : P-AIR-OH!

Good morning/evening replers!

Today we are featuring someone you will never be able to guess! It's @piemadd (aka Piero aka Mr. Maddaleni aka P-air-oh aka P-arrow) - an epic dev and Repl.it's very own social media manager! Luckily, we were able to have an interview here, and below is how it went.

@TheDrone7 : Hello Mr. Piero, please introduce yourself to the community.

@piemadd : Hey, I'm Piero Maddaleni, an 18 year old high school senior from Atlanta, GA, USA. I'm the social media manager at Replit and I really enjoy programming in my free time.

@TheDrone7 : When and what originally made you want to code? Why did you become a social media manager? How's that going for ya?

piemadd : For Christmas back in 2016 my mom got me a simple Arduino Kit since she wanted me to get more involved with engineering. I immediately dived into the basics of C++ (well, Arduino's modified version of it) and fell in love with programming micro controllers. To this day, I still collect them and do my best to push them to their limits. In 2018 I picked up python during my free time in my engineering class at school, usually by simply googling, "Python IDE Online" and Replit would be the first result. Since then, Python has been my primary programming language, but I also like dabbling in Node, Typescript, C, C++, Java, and some others. As far as social media goes, I actually emailed Amjad some time in June asking to be the (and I quote) "Social Media Manager and Official Pizza/Pasta Maker of Replit." Honestly, I never expected to get the job but I got an email back in late July and it just took off from there. At the moment, I do all of my programming on Replit, it just isn't worth the hassle in my opinion to have to setup and maintain dev environments on my local machine and then have to use weird tools to push them to an overpriced and under-powered VM on AWS or GCP. Social Media is going great, one great advantage of it is my ability to develop tools which aid me in my work, such as Replit.sh.

@TheDrone7 : That's pretty cool! And here's the next question: Was there a change in the way you code before and after you discovered repl.it?

@piemadd : There was definitely a change in how I coded after I discovered Replit. I would actually be hesitant before to make something because I would always have to spend 15 minutes just fiddling with libraries and the such. Now, if I want to get started on, lets say, a Flask API, I just have to make a Python repl and then select the template. Before I would have to spend a few minutes installing flask, finding an example, running it, and then having to switch over to chrome every time I made a change. The dev experience is so nice that I've been trying to do all of my work on there, including that which involves Arduinos. It's really early in development, but that's what my ArduinoTest repl is for, which should allow Arduino development to happen right in a repl.

@TheDrone7 : OOH POG! Anywho, what projects created by you would you say are your favorites? What was your inspiration behind them/How did you come up with their ideas?

@piemadd : Honestly my #1 favorite project will have to be Replit.sh - It's a URL shortener I created for social media posts. I'm proud of it since its the first project I made with Replit Auth and Replit DB.

@piemadd : My next favorite one has to be my DeepDream program - Google made an ML model a few years back which takes an image and makes it look trippy. It was a fun project and I still use it every once in a while for my personal enjoyment.

@piemadd : I also modified Water.css at some point to make my own personalized version, Piero.css - It holds many of the basic traits of Water.css but looks more "hackery" in my opinion. I used it on my own website for a while, but eventually made Piero.v2.css from scratch, which can be seen at my site.

@piemadd : Last, but certainly not least, in an attempt to learn about storing Images in Repls, here is a simple API I made which returns a random picture of @masfrost


@TheDrone7 : Very cool. I really liked the DeepDream thing (I created one of my own - was giga trippy so won't share it here) but moving on, how has your experience as a social media manager been?

@piemadd : Fun part about being the social media manager is that I meet new people every day, and everyone has a different story. You never know who you'll meet or how your conversations will go. So far, my favorite experience as the social media manager was one of the recent tweets I sent out, being a snippet of code which rendered a version of LOSS in the console when run: https://twitter.com/replit/status/1355363051445346305

@TheDrone7 : Second last question - What else would you like to share with the community about yourself?

@piemadd : I have a cool website (mentioned above) and I like making tech Tiktoks https://tiktok.com/@piemadd. I also like swimming, physics, biking, running, and I have a big dog named Nico.

Here is Nico

And more Nico

And Nico with a big bone

@TheDrone7 : That's... cute lol. Here is the last question: what is your message to the readers of this post/repl.it community?

@piemadd : They key to life is staying safe and being happy!

The End

And that's it for this week's developer spotlight! If you want to be featured in one of these yourself, be sure to post awesome stuff on repl talk and keep an eye out on your discord DMs and e-mail inbox!
Also, if you have any feedback for the spotlights, be sure to put them in the comments section. Any constructive feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you for reading all this. See you all next time with another amazing developer from the community!

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That's... cute lol.

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