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Developer Spotlight - Jay Doggy Woggy!
TheDrone7 (1939)

Good morning/evening replers, hope you all are safe and doing fine! Today we have the first developer spotlight of 2021 featuring a great developer - JACK... not JackFly (repl.it discord) but it's @JDOG787!


@JDOG787's real name is Jack. He is 15 years old and homeschooled in the USA.

He was interested in computers from the beginning but coding always seemed to confuse him. He tinkered around with Lego Mindstorms and Arduino but couldn't figure out how to program them. A little over a year ago, one of his friends told him about how he learned web dev from Udemy courses. He also learned some app dev which he tried out after he got a Macbook.

@JDOG787 found out about repl.it when one of his Udemy courses used repl.it classrooms for practice problems. However, unlike most people, @JDOG787 didn't use repl.it as a platform you could code on no matter the device. Instead, repl.it helped him motivate himself to learn more seeing everyone's epic projects on repl talk and it also helped him make the process of setting up an environment to start coding way less overwhelming.

Editor's notes: Classrooms are now deprecated. Those who are interested can check out Teams for Education which are getting a ton of upgrades as you read this!


Some of @JDOG787's projects (not very impressive even though he's working on some actually impressive ones according to Jack) are

Patatap Clone - It's a clone of https://patatap.com/, a website that makes different sounds and animations depending on what key you press.

OAuthCord - A simple library to lighten and quicken the use of discord's OAuth2 API.

Also check out disco-oauth as an alternative. (shameless plug)

Pictoshare - Currently under development, Pictoshare is aimed to be a fully functional social media website. Learn about the details on the GitHub

Other Info

Other than coding, @JDOG787 likes to spend time with his family and play video games such as Minecraft and Factorio. He also hopes to build his own PC someday (hopefully someday soon).

And for a final message from @JDOG787 to everyone reading this -

I’ve learned from experience that if you’re feeling burned out in programming, it’s a good time to take a break from what you have been doing in coding for a while and try something new. Force yourself to try something that seems new and hard even if it feels awkward compared to what you’re used to doing.

The End

And that's it for this week's developer spotlight! If you want to be featured in one of these yourself, be sure to post awesome stuff on repl talk and keep an eye out on your discord DMs and e-mail inbox!
Also, if you have any feedback for the spotlights, be sure to put them in the comments section. Any constructive feedback is always appreciated!

Oh and before you go, here's a doggo because why not!

Thank you for reading all this. See you all next time with another amazing developer from the community!

Whippingdot (680)

sry, but I didn't know you exist @JDOG787

JDOG787 (441)

Yeah, I haven’t been active on repl talk in a while @Whippingdot

Whippingdot (680)

Hey I see you created an issue on the github repo we had for our project. Do you want to join the org to help change the css? @ch1ck3n. Also @JDOG787 do you want to join the github org I created for repl.it coders(we have 22 or 23 people rn). If either of you want to join, go here and read the GitHub org paragraph.

Whippingdot (680)

how long I have been here for 3 months @JDOG787

JDOG787 (441)

@Whippingdot how long what? How long I haven't been active on repl talk?

JDOG787 (441)

@Whippingdot oh, I havent been active for a few months

JDOG787 (441)

@Whippingdot It isnt really the same as it used to be when I joined

Whippingdot (680)

is it better, or worse? @JDOG787

ch1ck3n (2386)

@Whippingdot yeah sure why not ch1ck3n-byte

FlaminHotValdez (716)

@JDOG787 lmao, when you have the newbies at talk lol. mind you I've only been year for a year and a half...

frissyn (371)

lmfao I completely forgot to answer my questions, rip

@TheDrone7 procrastination is my kryptonite, I'll finish it soon I swear!

Congrats @JDOG787

JDOG787 (441)

@IreTheKID thanks, cant wait to see yours :D

zplusfour (914)

im waiting for my spotlight
congrats, @JDOG787!

zplusfour (914)

@JDOG787 np
also I wanna contribute to Pictoshare, if im allowed to.

JDOG787 (441)

Sure, Its not done yet and you might want to wait a bit, but yeah @ZDev1

zplusfour (914)

@JDOG787 thanks
Is there any issues?

JDOG787 (441)

@ZDev1 not yet, just finished auth

iocoder (164)


here's a doggo because why not!

because thats what we do
FloCal35 (671)

Cute doggo

here's a doggo because why not

lol only at repl


alanchen12 (33)

"here's a doggo because why not" typical.

Bookie0 (6389)


He also learned some app dev which he tried out after he got a Macbook.

Very very very good, @JDOG787 I approve xD!!

Whippingdot (680)

Why did you un-upvote yourself? @k9chelsea2

Nayoar (581)

lmfao congratz jdog

Whippingdot (680)

jdog stands for just (a) dog. Not to be mean btw that sounds very bad @JDOG787