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Code a discord bot in python!
TheDrone7 (1895)

Hello once again replers! One of the things that replit is very heavily used for, is hosting discord bots. And in case you want to create your own during the holidays, check out this great tutorial by freeCodeCamp on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPTfmiYiuok to create, code and host your bot on replit using python!

Be sure to like and subscribe ;-)

angrydoge (481)

Youtube is blocked why are you ruining my dream google

bennyrobert (47)

If you are on Android, one way of avoiding Family Link restrictions is to use Samsung Internet instead of Chrome. @angrydoge

angrydoge (481)

Bro I have a android samsung tablet @bennyrobert
And a chromeOS computer

bennyrobert (47)

If you have Samsung Internet you can avoid restrictions on your tablet, but unless you get another browser on ChromeOS it won't work @angrydoge

angrydoge (481)

No- dude it locks up my whole tablet too sometimes @bennyrobert because family link is an APP and its INSTALLED on my TABLET REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

PyCoder01 (55)

@angrydoge since youtube is blocked use this to download the youtube video with the link in 4K. It depends on the server's internet. https://repl.it/talk/share/Download-YT-vids-in-python/82876

PyCoder01 (55)

@angrydoge and you can watch the video in the repl

rediar (514)

Aren't there a ton of tutorials on repl talk, not to mention the internet? Why not feature some of the great tutorials instead of linking youtube? Or, well really if you wanted to make one you could easily search it up, what's the point of this post?

Baconman321 (1097)

OOO cool (also first to comment WOO)!

Also, who cares about python, nodejs is better ;D

firefish (947)

@Baconman321 so true, but of course, Rust is better than everything

Baconman321 (1097)

@firefish C++ and Golang are soooo much better.

firefish (947)

@Baconman321 C++ is the worst language ever invented, it has evolved into a monstrosity. They kept adding features so much so that now it is impossible to keep track. ALSO WHY IS OOP SO RUBBISH NOWADAYS

golang is only JUST below rust

Baconman321 (1097)

@firefish LOL sure. I find C++ is pretty good (yes, they have added so much but you don't need all that). As for rust, it seems pretty cool but I find golang better. Plus, it's run speed is insane.

I saw rust errors though, pretty descriptive. I still like C++ (which I really don't use so I'm "Rusty" XD. Get it, cuz Rust?), golang (which I just started learning), and JavaScript (which has nothing to do with statically typed languages).

firefish (947)

@Baconman321 golang's binaries are massive, the runtime has to be encoded into the binary.

Baconman321 (1097)

@firefish Ye IK. It's fast tho, and it gives u an error if u don't use a declared variable. :D

firefish (947)

@Baconman321 if you ask me undeclared variable errors are just dumb.
Also, the walrus operator (:=) does type inference, which is, albeit during compile time, still inefficient.

gatorade322 (119)

You know, everyone talking about which language is better, everyone has different opinions. Different languages are good for different things. For example, Python modules can be very helpful for networked programs. C++ is incredible for speed and node.js, well I don't know I've never really learned much about it. Rust is also very good, um for rusty programmers I guess? I do know I think it was used to program Tesla though.

Baconman321 (1097)

@gatorade322 Rust is type safe meaning you don't worry about assigning variables of the wrong type.

Of course, python is amazingly slow, and C++ has too many features as well as being too slow for anything pratical.

As for nodejs it's really easy to use and easy to switch to because most people already know JavaScript, which is what nodejs uses.

I heard Tesla's AI was coded in C, so IDK?


no js is better

tickedoffsquid (17)

Here's a tip... don't, REPL, sadly, can very easily lead to token issues, even possible hijacking if you aren't wary.

JBloves27 (1878)

WOW, I would love to use this! Thanks!

Smart0ne (743)