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Code Jam #10 RESULTS
TheDrone7 (1896)

Hello once again replers! The jam is over and so is the scoring, so without any unnecessary words, here are the results for the 10th repl.it codejam!

RANK 3 : @minx28's and @Lost0Soul's EON!

A website where you can solve fun coding challenges and compare your scores to your friends' from the leaderboard. Challenges being added everyday (at least they claim to do it).

RANK 2 : @sugarfi, @darknew and @HahaYes's AlgoHamlet!

Even though this does not directly help with coding, this fun game helps with problem solving and control flow which are very much essential for any coder.

RANK 1 : @MartiaForoud's HelpTheCode

This website teaches the basics of JavaScript in a fun, interactive and engaging manner. The levels are well designed and the interactive terminal allows you to enjoy the fun of coding even on mobile devices where the popular browsers don't have dev tools. Not only that but it also has a tutorials section where you can submit your own tutorials!

Honorable Mention : @amasad's CodeDaily!

Keep a track of how many days you've been coding for and compare it with others on the leaderboard!

And there we are! For the next month, we are sponsoring Advent Of Code so be sure to keep in touch with that! Peace out!

fuzzyastrocat (1864)

@Bookie0 There were a lot of great projects here! amasad gets honorable mention because being amasad

Bookie0 (6261)

@fuzzyastrocat Indeed lol amasad gets honorable mention because being CEO + amasad

MatthewDoan3 (19)

@fuzzyastrocat beware the repercussions of amasad...

LingWu1 (94)

lol @Bookie0. @amasad if the founder of repl.it

LaneMartin (114)

WOW, that's amazing.

TheDrone7 (1896)

@MartiaForoud You've been given the 1-month hacker plan. If you're in our Discord server feel free to open a ModMail thread for your prizes there.

Nayoar (573)

pog. Challenges were being added every day to Eon, but now Crosis is oofed so Eon will no longer be running :(


@minx28 i hate it when things get oofed like google deskbar (2003-2006) or like fflick (2010-2011)

Codemonkey51 (1057)

First to comment go brr

rediar (517)

first to comment on first comment

MartiaForoud (56)

@rediar first to comment on first to comment on first comment

Codemonkey51 (1057)

First comment on the first comment on the first comment on the first comment @MartiaForoud

HahaYes (1861)

@Codemonkey51 hahayes I'm the first comment

TsunamiOrSumth (545)

@Codemonkey51 were less than a minute apart :( whelp 2nd ig

fuzzyastrocat (1864)

@TsunamiOrSumth According to my time readout, you were actually first.

Codemonkey51 (1057)

Yes @TsunamiOrSumth was first, they posted like 12seconds b4 me :( @fuzzyastrocat

LingWu1 (94)

I'm not sure but in AlgoHamlet level 2 it doesn't work. You can't open the fence @TheDrone7.

Kookiez (400)

@LingWu1 it works, also don't ping drone, ping hahayes, sugarfi, and darknew (not putting the @ since i want to avoid ping)

LingWu1 (94)

lol, ping @Kookiez
But how do u do level 2 it doesn't work even if I push the 2 machine thingy's together, but it works for other levels. Also, the skin-change thing wont let me change... Hmmm interesting.

TheDrone7 (1896)

@LingWu1 it actually does open it but as it says, it activates it every second, not continuously, so I think it might have something to do with the timing cuz I was able to clear it lol.

Kookiez (400)

@LingWu1 idk, it took some tries for me but it worked

ilyfam (0)


RayhanADev (2514)


Not surprised my late submission didn’t count xD
fuzzyastrocat (1864)

@RayhanADev There is no such thing as a late submission... you get auto-submitted at the deadline just by filling out the form.

BlakeLeee (13)


Jackbaklava (41)

Congrats everyone :) 🎉

k9chelsea2 (735)

:O how very poggers

DonkeyRide123 (7)

Why am I surprised I'm not there lol mine was trashy

fuzzyastrocat (1864)

Nice job all participants! And great job @MartiaForoud! (Though I have a bit of trouble understanding some of the wording... on my device I suppose my screen is too small since the terminal cuts off a lot of it.)

MartiaForoud (56)

@fuzzyastrocat i will try to fix it, it was mostly because i forgot the responsive tag 😅

fuzzyastrocat (1864)

@MartiaForoud Oh great! Once again nice project!

RayhanADev (2514)

@fuzzyastrocat yo rip xD. Really surprised CurtaCode didn’t make it lel.

fuzzyastrocat (1864)

@RayhanADev Eh, it's not really a big deal since I'm already using CurtaCode quite a bit. So it has practical value, which is rare for a jam thing but I'm glad it does.