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Become an Explorer!
mat1 (4427)

What is Explorer Mode?

Enabling explorer mode lets you use features before it goes out to everyone else. You'll get features like collaboration repls and more! Remember that all explorer features are experimental, so there will be bugs and glitches. When you find these, make sure to report them at https://repl.it/bugs

How do I Enable Explorer?

First you need to get to your account settings. You can do that by clicking your name at the top right of the screen and selecting Account or by just going to https://repl.it/account.
Next, click Roles and enable the Explorer check box.
You are now a Repl.it explorer!

MatthewBrash (4)

I think the thing I love most about this is that it really reflects how much work is being done on repl.it

Very cool and I can't wait to get my students using this site!

amasad (3446)

@MatthewBrash always evolving! We're less than 1% done. Big plans :)

MeowC (54)

rust nightly for repl.it basically

amasad (3446)

Thanks for posting this @mat1

ThunderCoder (3)

does being an explorer have to do with anything else besides that?

elburg (41)

@ThunderCoder you might be able to test out upcoming languages!

TigerTheCat (40)

@ThunderCoder Explorer mode gives you night/dark mode, which is really cool.

EktaGupta1 (1)

Time to rate!

I think it is good great

Should we use it?

Well, at least I think we should.

Lamby777 (57)

I love programming on replit. Can't wait for new updates, so I'll be an explorer to report bugs.

chocolatejade42 (45)

@mat1 very helpful! Do the effects of this last even once they go out?