Pyxel, an 8bit retro gaming Python framework, on

Just in time for the Game Jam I'm excited to announce the addition of Pyxel -- an 8bit retro gaming framework for Python. Pyxel has everything you need to build an 8bit game, from the image editor to a music editor ( doesn't support sound yet).

It's also easy-to-use and fun to play around with. The following is a speed-up play-through of one of their examples running on I used their editor to change the player's hair color.

Here is the repl:

Start building your game by creating a new repl and selecting "Pyxel". Or click here.

Let me know if you have any feedback.

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Are there any plans to integrate sound? The ability to code games in Python in a web browser is huge for the education world. Most schools have chromebooks, and Javascript isn't quite so easy to teach to young students as Python.

Having the ability to play sound would make learning CS much more engaging for students. Are there any thoughts on how this might be implemented?